Creators And Their Right To Choose

The Washington, DC-based Copyright Alliance has released a persuasive video that argues that creators have the right to protect their works and be fairly compensated for the use of their copyrights.

The video editorial comes on the heels of a united movement to wrestle a perceived influence big tech - and in particular Google - have over the US Copyright Office. The Alliance is publicly seeking support in its fight to counter erosion of income and an expanding use of free content available on the web through so-called "safe harbor" exemptions.

The CA represents the interests of authors, photographers, performers, artists, software developers, musicians, journalists, directors, songwriters, game designers and many other individual creators. The Alliance also represents the interests of book publishers, motion picture studios, software companies, music publishers, sound recording companies, sports leagues, broadcasters, guilds, unions, newspaper and magazine publishers, and many more organizations.





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