BuzzAngle Vs. Nielsen: 'Weighting' Centre Of US Chart Debate

Jim Lidestri of BuzzAngle, whose company now powers HITS’ charts, has weighed in, so to speak, on why Kenny Chesney was #1 on our most recent SPS and Album Sales charts, while Jeezy took the top spot on Billboard’'s Top 200. Lidestri describes the methodology of Billboard data partner Nielsen as “outdated, inaccurate and unfair,” due to its use of “weighting” for physical sales (more about that in a moment).

Weighting is the process of artificially increasing the sales that were counted to make up for the sales from stores that don’t report their data. “This practice had a place 20 years ago, but has no place anymore,” Lidestri asserts. “Nielsen weights both chain stores and independent music stores. There simply aren't any chain stores selling music that don't report their sales, so weighting this category results in a completely bogus number. And while there are a few hundred independent music stores that don't report their data, they are the smaller stores—and the methodology Nielsen uses to weight them has no mathematical accuracy whatsoever.”

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