Lou Pomanti Remembers Leonard Cohen

It was 2006 and I was touring with Leonard Cohen. We had just finished playing in Europe and now we were in Montréal, Leonard's home town, sitting around drinking wine in his kitchen and all of a sudden he says he's hungry.

He says, "would you go down and pick up some smoked meat sandwiches? Tell them Leonard Cohen sent you."

Well off I go. I order a bunch of sandwiches and a brisket for myself to take with me the next day as I was flying home. I take the sandwiches back to the house, and hand Leonard my brisket and say, "Leonard, put this in your fridge for me, but PLEASE don't let me forget it when I leave!" He says, 'no problem.'

Sure enough, I leave the party a couple of hours later and leave the brisket. I call him from the cab ride home, and he says to swing by on my way to the airport in the morning. I tell him it'll be very early, but he says, 'no problem.' We agree on 7 am. My cab pulls up the next morning at 7 am and there is Leonard Cohen in his suit and fedora, standing on the sidewalk, holding my brisket. As we pull away, I wave goodbye to him through the back window of the cab. That's the way I'll always remember him.


-- Lou Pomanti is a Canadian composer, keyboardist and musical director who has worked with such artists as Blood, Sweat and Tears, Michael Bublé, Gordon Lightfoot and Leonard Cohen.



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