Creators: 'Our Letter' To Heritage Minister Joly, with Complete Signatories List

The Focus On Creators campaign has prepared the following joint letter to Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly.

Dear Minister Joly,

We are Canada’s musicians, songwriters, composers, music producers, authors, poets, playwrights, film composers, actors, directors and visual artists – a creative class of artists and entrepreneurs that has defined this country. We’ve done so through creativity, innovation and hard work. Yet economically, we’re worse off today than we were in the 1990s.

We’re a diverse, passionate, proudly Canadian collection of innovative storytellers with roots around the world.  Our work tells uniquely Canadian stories to the world and global stories to Canadians.  It is consumed in greater volume than ever before.  It can be accessed anywhere, at any time, simply by opening an app on a phone.

Yet while some of us have found success, too many others are being squeezed out of the marketplace.  The middle class artist is being eliminated from the Canadian economy. Full-time creativity is becoming a thing of the past.

Canada’s creative professionals have led Canada in the digital shift, but we struggle to earn a livelihood from it. It’s not from lack of trying. We’ve digitized our work and mastered the internet. We’ve become social media directors for our projects. We connect directly with our fan bases, and monetize everything that we can. So why are more and more of us being forced to abandon creative work? And why do Canada’s youth increasingly seek career paths outside the creative sector?

The carefully designed laws and regulations of the 1990s were intended to ensure that both Canadian creators and technological innovators would benefit from digital developments. We hoped that new technology would enrich the cultural experiences for artists and consumers alike. Unfortunately, this has not happened. Instead, our work is increasingly used to monetize technology without adequately remunerating its creators. Income and profit from digital use of our work flow away from the creative class to a concentrated technology industry.  Allowing this trend to continue will result in dramatically fewer Canadians being able to afford to “tell Canadian stories,” much less earn a reasonable living from doing so.

We will continue to do what we can to succeed in the evolving digital landscape, but we need the help of Canada’s government right now.  Canada has two major opportunities to stand up for creators over the next year: your Department’s ongoing cultural policy review and the five-year mandated review of the Copyright Act in 2017.  We know you understand the cultural significance of our work; we hope you also see its value and crucial place in Canada’s economy. We ask that you put creators at the heart of future policy.


A J B Johnston, Author
A.S. Penne, Author
Aaron Solowoniuk, Professional Musician, Billy Talent
Afua Cooper, Author
Agnès Whitfield, Author
Ainslie Manson, Author
Alan Cumyn, Author
Alan Whitehorn, Author
Alanis Morissette, Professional Musician
Alban Goulden, Author
Alec Butler, Author
Alejandra Ribera, Professional Musician
Alexander (Sasha) Saint-Aubin, Poet
Alexander Dolinin, Author
Alexis Diamond, Playwright
Alexis Kienlen, Author
Ali Raney, Professional Musician, The Lovelocks
Ali Saidat, Professional Musician, Mother Mother
Alice Major, Poet
Alicia Payne, Playwright
Alison Lawrence, Playwright
Allan Briesmaster, Poet
Alpha Toshineza, Professional Musician
Alvin Sanders, Playwright
Amanda R. Doll, Manager, The Doll Sisters
Amanda West Lewis, Author
Ami Sands Brodoff, Author
Amiel Gladstone, Playwright
Amir Hussain, Author
Andrea Boyd, Playwright
Andreas Schroeder, Author
Andrew J. Borkowski, Author
Andrew Westoll, Author
Angela Long, Author
Angie Abdou, Author
Angie Littlefield, Author
Ann Birch, Author
Ann C. Jamieson, Author
Ann Douglas, Author
Ann Eriksson, Author
Anna Jean Mallinson, Author
Anna Porter, Author
Anna Pottier, Author
Anna Yin, Poet
Anne Campbell, Author
Anne Chiseltt, Playwright
Anne DeGrace, Author
Anne Emery, Author
Anne Konrad, Author
Anne Lederman, Professional Musician
Anne Logan McNamara, Author
Anne M. Dooley, Author
Anne McDonald, Author
Anne Montagnes, Author
Anne Shmelzer​, Author
Anne Simpson, Author
Anne Swannell, Poet
Annelies Pool, Author
Annette LeBox, Author
Annette Loiselle, Playwright
Annie Szamosi, Playwright
Ann-Maureen Owens, Author
Anthony Carone, Professional Musician, Arkells
Antonio D'Alfonso, Author
Antony Christie, Poet
Antony Di Nardo, Poet
Aritha van Herk, Author
Armand Garnet Ruffo, Poet
Armin Wiebe, Author, Playwright
Arthur Black, Author
Ashley MacIsaac, Professional Musician
Audrey J. Whitson, Author
Audrey Thomas, Author
Ayesha Chatterjee, Poet
B. Marilyn McCrimmon, Author
B. Wood, Author
Bänoo Zan, Poet
Barbara Curry Mulcahy, Poet
Barbara D. Janusz, Author
Barbara Eileen Williams, Author
Barbara Fulton, Actor, vocalist
Barbara Haworth-Attard, Author
Barbara Reid, C.M., O.Ont., Author
Barbara Sapergia, Author, Playwright
Barbara Smith, Author
Barbara Wade Rose, Author
Barney Bentall, Professional Musician
Barry Callaghan, Author
Barry Grills, Author
Beatriz Hausner, Author
Ben Frey, Professional Musician, The Shilohs
Ben Nuttall-Smith, Author
Benjamin Kowalewicz, Professional Musician, Billy Talent
Bernadette Griffin-Donovan, Author
Bernadette Rule, Author
Bernice Ann Lever, Poet
Beryl Baigent, Poet
Beryl Young, Author
Beth Powning, Author
Betty Jane Hegerat, Author
Bettyjane Wylie, Author
Beverley Cooper, Playwright
Beverley Terrell-Deutsch, Author
Bianca Lakoseljac, Poet
Bill Rankin, Professional Photographer
Bill Turpin, Author
Billeh Nickerson, Author
Blaine Marchand, Poet
Bob Egan, Professional Musician, Blue Rodeo
Bob Rock, Professional Musician
Bonnie L. Lendrum, Author
Brandi Sidoryk, Professional Musician, Nice Horse
Brandon Scott, Professional Musician, Cold Creek County
Breagh Mackinnon, Professional Musician
Brenda Niskala, Author
Brett Josef Grubisic, Author
Brett Kissel, Professional Musician
Brian Brennan, Author
Brian Campbell, Poet
Brian Drader, Playwright
Brian Howes, Music Producer
Brian K. Stewart, Playwright
Brian Matthew Doherty, Professional Musician, Big Wreck
Brooke Gibson, Playwright
Bruce Cockburn, Professional Musician, Songwriter
Bruce Rice, Author
Bruce Whiteman, Author
Bruce William Hunter, Poet
Bryan Adams, Professional Musician
C. K. Kelly Martin, Author
Caitlin Hicks, Author
Calvin Ross White, Author
Candas Jane Dorsey, Author
Carellin Brooks, Author
Carl Leggo, Poet
Carleton Stone, Professional Musician
Carlyn Zwarenstein, Author
Carmen Rodriguez, Author
Carol Bruneau, Author
Carol Holmes, Author
Carol Libman, Playwright
Carol Matas, Author
Carol Rose, Poet
Carol Shaben, Author
Carol Windley, Author
Carole Giangrande, Author
Caroline Adderson, Author
Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni, Poet
Caroline Pignat, Author
Caroline Woodward, Author
Carolyn Mark, Professional Musician
Caterina Edwards, Author
Catherine Austen, Author
Catherine Hunter, Author
Catherine Joyce, Author
Catherine Lang, Author
Catherine MacLellan, Professional Musician
Cathleen With, Author
Cathy Marie Buchanan, Author
Cecilia Tanner, Author
Celia Godkin, Author
Celia McBride, Playwright
Chad Norman, Poet
Charis Cotter, Author
Charles (Chuck) G. Bowie, Author
Charles Lazer, Playwright
Charles Noble, Author
Charlotte Cardin, Professional Musician
Cheryl Antao-Xavier, Author, Poet
Cheryl Cooke Harrington, Author
Chris Buck, Professional Musician, Chris Buck Band
Chris Cresswell, Professional Musician, The Flatliners
Chris Nielsen-Smith, Professional Musician
Chris Steele, Professional Musician, Alexisonfire
Chris Tolley, Playwright
Christiane Cicioli, Author
Christine E. Cowley, Author
Christine Fischer Guy, Author
Christine Lowther, Author
Christopher Levenson, Author
Christopher Moore, Author
Chuck Keeping, Professional Musician, Big Wreck
Claire Elise Boucher, Professional Musician, Grimes
Claire Kelly, Poet
Clare Braux, Author
Clarise Samuels, Author
Claude Montminy, Playwright
Claudia Cornwall, Author
Claudia White, Author
Clifton Murray, Professional Musician, The Tenors
Colette Maitland, Author
Colin Browne, Author
Colin Cripps, Professional Musician, Blue Rodeo
Colin Nairne, Professional Musician, The High Bar Gang
Colleen Ann Fee, Playwright
Colleen Murphy, Author
Colleen Wagner, Playwright
Conner Molander, Professional Musician, Half Moon Run
Connie Brummel Crook, Author
Corey Redekop, Author
Cornelia Hoogland, Poet
Craig Cassils, Playwright
Craig Spence, Author
Crystal Hurdle, Poet
Crystal Verge, Playwright
Cynthia Flood, Author
Cynthia Holz, Author
Dale Penner, Music Producer
Dallas Green, Professional Musician, Alexisonfire, City and Colour
Damien Atkins, Playwright
Dan Davidson, Songwriter, performer, producer
Dan Ebbs, Playwright
Dan Kurtz, Professional Musician, Dragonette
Dani Nelson, Professional Musician, Dani & Lizzy
Daniel Colussi, Professional Musician, The Shilohs
Daniel David Moses, Playwright
Daniel Francis, Author
Daniel G Scott, Poet
Daniela Elza, Author
Danielle, Professional Musician, Songwriter, Danielle Dixon
Danielle McTaggart, Professional Musician, Dear Rouge
Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail, Author
Danny Meyers, Singer-songwriter
Danny Peart, Poet
Daphne Marlatt, Author
Darlene Barry Quaife, Author
Darlene Madott, Author
Darrah Teitel, Playwright
Darren Gusnowsky, Professional Musician, Hey Romeo
Dave Genn, Songwriter
Dave Margoshes, Author
Dave Nugent, Professional Musician, Sam Roberts Band
Dave Preston, Author
Dave Rosin, Professional Musician, Hedley
David Bennett, Author
David C. Brydges, Poet
David Clink, Poet
David Copelin, Playwright
David Day, Author
David Elendune, Playwright
David Fennario, Playwright
David Homel, Author
David Koulack, Author
David McMillan, Professional Musician, Big Wreck
David More, Author
David Myles, Professional Musician
David Neil Lee, Author
David Owen, Playwright
David Pody, Playwright
David Prosser, Author
David R. Boyd, Author
David Richard Beasley, Author
David S Craig, Playwright
David Simmonds, Playwright
David Tracey, Author
David van Belle, Playwright
David Waltner-Toews, Author
David Whiteley, Playwright
Day's Lee, Author
DC Reid, Author
Dean Brody, Professional Musician
Dean Robinson, Author
Dean Steadman, Poet
Deanna May Kawatski, Author
Deanne Taylor, Playwright
Deb Gibson, Playwright
Deb Loughead, Author
Debbie Spring, Author
Deborah Carr, Author
Deborah Joy Corey, Author
Deborah Windsor, TWUC Honorary Member
Deborah-Anne Tunney, Author
Debra Kim Clark, Author
Dee Horne, Author
Delia De Santis, Author
Dennis E Bolen, Author
Dennis Lee, Author
Derek Hanebury, Author
Derek Lundy, Author
Des Kennedy, Author
Devon Portielje, Professional Musician, Half Moon Run
Diana Kolpak, Author
Diane Gordon, Playwright
Diane Grant, Playwright
Dianne Young, Author
Dina E Cox, Poet
Don Aker, Author
Don H. Meredith, Author
Don Hannah, Playwright
Don Hunter, Author
Don Rooke, Professional Musician, Songwriter
Donna Besel, Author
Donna Byrne, Playwright
Donna Carmen Troicuk​, Author
Donna Macdonald, Author
Donnie Walsh, Professional Musician, Downchild Blues Band
Dora Dueck, Author
Dorothy Joan Harris, Author
Doug Oliver, Professional Musician, Cold Creek County
Douglas Arthur Brown, Author
Douglas E. Hughes, Playwright
Douglas Gibson, Author
Douglas Smith, Author
Dr. Deborah E. de Lange, Author
Dr. Floyd W. Rudmin, Author
Dr. George M. Johnson, Author
Dr. Marina Quattrocchi, Author
Dr. Robert Shipley, Author
Dr. Thomas Cho, Author
Drew McTaggart, Professional Musician, Dear Rouge
Dustin Overhill, Professional Musician, Trophy Kid Diz
Dwayne Morgan, Poet
Dylan Guthro, Professional Musician
Dylan Phillips, Professional Musician, Half Moon Run
Dymphny Dronyk, Poet
E A Kevin Roberts, Author
E. M. Baxter, Playwright
Ed Robertson, Professional Musician, Barenaked Ladies
Edward Butts, Author
Eileen Kernaghan, Author
Eileen Reid Marcil, Author
Elaine Kalman Naves, Author
Eleanor Crowder, Playwright
Eleanor Millard, Author
Elena Johnson, Author
Eleonore Schönmaier, Author
Elinor Barr, Author
Elinor Galbraith, Playwright
Elise Moser, Author
Elizabeth Abbott​, Author
Elizabeth Bowes-Matulis, Author
Elizabeth Durand, Playwright
Elizabeth Guildford, Playwright
Elizabeth Semenchuk, Professional Musician
Ella Burakowski, Author
Elle Andra-Warner, Author
Ellen Reid, Professional Musician, Crash Test Dummies
Ellen S. Jaffe, Author
Elly MacKay, Author
Elyne Quan, Playwright
Emily Haines, Professional Musician, Metric
Emily Rowed, Professional Musician
Eon Sinclair, Professional Musician, Bedouin Soundclash
Eric Fares, Professional Musician, Sam Roberts Band
Eric McCormack, Author
Eric Zweig, Author
Erika de Vasconcelos, Author
Erin Macklem, Playwright
Eugene Benson, Author
Eve M. Zaremba, Author
Ewan Currie, Professional Musician, The Sheepdogs
Farzana Doctor, Author
Faye Blais, Professional Musician
Fern G. Z. Carr, Poet
Fiona Tinwei Lam, Author, Poet
Flavia Cosma, Poet
Florence MacDonald, Playwright
Fraidie Martz, Author
Frances Boyle, Author
Frances Itani, Author
Francine Deschepper, Playwright
Frank Canino, Playwright
Frank Davey, Author
Frank Koelsch, Author
Franke James​, Author
Franny McCabe-Bennett, Playwright
Fraser Walters, Professional Musician, The Tenors
Fred Stenson, Author
Frederick J. Marker, Playwright
Gabriele Goldstone, Author
Gail Hamilton, Author
Gail Nyoka, Playwright
Gail Sidonie Sobat, Author
Garry Ryan, Author
Garth Richardson, Music Producer
Gary Barwin, Poet
Gary Kirkham, Playwright
Gay Allison, Poet
Genni Gunn, Author
Geoff Petrie, Professional Musician, The Matinée
Geoffrey Ursell, Author
George Anthony, Author
George Galt, Author
George Melnyk, Author
George Payerle​, Author
George Pettit, Professional Musician, Alexisonfire
George Swede, Author, Poet
Georgia, Author
Gerry Jones, Author
Gil McElroy, Poet
Gilbert James Reid, Author
Giles Blunt, Author
Giles Hodge, Playwright
Gillian Campbell, Author
Gillian Harding-Russell, Poet
Gillian O'Reilly, Author
Gina Roitman, Author
Gisela Sherman, Author
Glen C. Strathy, Author
Glen Sorestad, Author, Poet
Glenda MacFarlane, Playwright
Glenn Dixon, Author
Glenn Milchem, Professional Musician, Blue Rodeo
Gloria Mehlmann, Author
Gloria Montero, Author
Gloria Varley, Author
Gord Bamford, Professional Musician
Gord Downie, Professional Musician, The Tragically Hip
Gord Rand, Playwright
Gord Sinclair, Professional Musician, The Tragically Hip
Gordon Lightfoot, Professional Musician
Graeme Pole, Author
Graham Hnatiuk, Professional Musician, Hearing Trees
Greg Hollingshead‎, CM, Author
Greg Keelor, Professional Musician, Blue Rodeo
Greg Wood, Professional Musician
Guy Gavriel Kay, Author
H. June Hutton, Author
Hal Eisen, Playwright
Harriet Richards, Author
Harry Thurston, Author
Hawksley Workman, Professional Musician, Songwriter
Heather Grace Stewart, Author
Heather J. Wood, Author
Heather Kellerhals-Stewart, Author
Heather Stemp, Author
Heidi Greco, Poet
Helen (Eleni) Zisimatos, Poet
Henry Beissel, Author, Playwright
Hilary J. Dawson, Author
Hilda Chaulk Murray, Author
Hiro Kanagawa, Playwright
Honey Novick, Poet
Hope McIntyre, Playwright
Hope Thompson, Playwright
Howard White, CM, OBC, Author
Hugh Allister MacDonald/J. Hugh MacDonald, Author
Hugh Cook, Author
Hugh Dillon, Professional Musician, The Headstones
Hugh Hazelton, Poet
Hugo Dann, Playwright
Ian D'Sa, Professional Musician, Billy Talent
Ian G. Waddell, Q.C., Author
Ian Hamilton, Author
Ian Murray, Playwright
Ian Thornley, Professional Musician, Big Wreck
Ian Williams, Author
Irene Watts, Playwright
Isaac Symonds, Professional Musician, Half Moon Run
Isabel Huggan, Author
J. J. Steinfeld, Author
J. Jill Robinson, Author
J.A. Wainwright, Author
J.S. McLean, Author
Jack Hodgins, Author
Jacob Hoggard, Professional Musician, Hedley
Jacqueline Dumas, Author
Jacqueline Nugent, Author
James Hall, Professional Musician, Sam Roberts Band
James Osborne, Author
James R. Stevens, Author
James Sellers, Author
James Shaw, Professional Musician, Metric
Jan L. Coates, Author
Jan Porter, Author
Jan Thornhill, Author
Jane Christmas, Author
Jane Eaton Hamilton, Author
Jane Lewis, Singer-songwriter
Jane Lind, Author
Jane Munro, Poet
Janet Barkhouse, Author
Janet Hinton-Mann, Playwright
Janet Kellough, Author
Janet Miller, Playwright
Janet Munsil, Playwright
Janet Read, Author
Janet Turpin Myers, Author
Jani Krulc, Author
Janice Cowan, Author
Janice MacDonald, Author
Janis Rapoport, Playwright
Jann Arden, Professional Musician
Jared Craig, Professional Musician, Johnson Crook
Jasmin Parkin, Professional Musician, Mother Mother
Jason Liboiron, Playwright
Jason Van Poederooyen, Music Engineer
Jay Malinowski, Professional Musician, Bedouin Soundclash
Jayme Lynn Reed, Singer, songwriter
Jean E. Crozier, Author
Jean E. Pendziwol, Author
Jeevan Bhagwat, Poet
Jeff Bird, Professional Musician
Jeff Bursey, Author
Jeff Pitcher, Playwright
Jeff Wolpert, Music Producer
Jeffrey Round, Author
Jenna Leigh Doll, Professional Musician, The Doll Sisters
Jennifer Cook, Author
Jennifer Craig, Author
Jennifer Duncan, Author
Jennifer Gold, Author
Jennifer Hartog, Author
Jennifer LoveGrove, Author
Jennifer Maruno, Author
Jennifer Mook-Sang, Author
Jennifer Wise, Playwright
Jenny Berkel, Professional Musician
Jess Favaro, Playwright
Jesse Burch, Professional Musician, Chris Buck Band
Jessica J Hiemstra, Author
Jessica Joy Hiemstra, Poet
Jessica Scott Kerrin, Author
Jessie Stein, Professional Musician, The Luyas
Jill Bryant, Author
Jill Downie, Author
Jim Creeggan, Professional Musician, Barenaked Ladies
Jim Cuddy, Professional Musician, Blue Rodeo
Jim Freedman, Author
Jim Smith, Author, Playwright, Poet
Jimmy Bowskill, Professional Musician, The Sheepdogs
Jo Roberts, Author
Joan Barfoot, Author
Joan Clark, Author
Joan Elizabeth Strathdee, Author
Joan Marie Galat, Author
Joanna Glass, Playwright
Joanna Gosse, Playwright
Joanne Epp, Poet
Joanne Findon, Author
Jocelyn Sage Shipley, Author
Jody Colero, Music Producer
Joel Plaskett, Professional Musician, Thrush Hermit
Joel Stouffer, Professional Musician, Dragonette
Joel Yanofsky, Author
John Ambury, Poet
John Bart, Author
John Bell​, Author
John Bemrose, Author
John Blackwood, Playwright
John Degen, Author
John Gould, Author
John Millyard, Author
John Parr, Author
John Pickernell, Poet
Johnny Payne, Professional Musician, The Shilohs
Johnny Reid, Professional Musician
Jon Darbey, Professional Musician, The Flatliners
Jon Gallant, Professional Musician, Billy Talent
Jordan Hall, Playwright
Jordan Hastings, Professional Musician, Alexisonfire, Billy Talent
Jory Nash, Singer-songwriter
Josh Lester, Professional Musician, Cold Creek County
Josh MacDonald, Playwright
Josh Trager, Professional Musician, Sam Roberts Band
Joshua Winstead, Professional Musician, Metric
Joules Scott-Key, Professional Musician, Metric
Joyce Wayne, Author
Joyclin Coates, Playwright
Jude Neale, Poet
Judie Oron, Author
Judith A. Silverthorne, Author
Judith Chopra, Author
Judith Cockman, Playwright
Judith Wearing, Author
Judy Ann Sadler, Author
Judy Rebick, Author
Judy Villeneuve, TWUC Honorary Member
Julia Hunter, Playwright
Julia Lin, Author
Julie Barlow, Author
Julie Johnston, Author
Julie Keith, Author
Julie McIsaac, Playwright
Julie Vandervoort, Author
Julie-Anne Bolduc, Playwright
Julio Torres-Recinos, Author
Justin Lester, Professional Musician, Cold Creek County
K. Linda Kivi, Author
K. V. Johansen, Author
K.D. MIller, Author
Kaitlyn Hansen-Boucher, Professional Musician, The Katherines
Kalwant Singh Nadeem Parmar, Author
Kamal Parmar, Poet
Karen Bass, Author
Karen Krossing, Author
Karen Mulhallen, Author
Karen Palmer, Author, Playwright
Karen Patkau, Author
Kari-Lynn Winters, Author
Karin Cope​, Author
Karina Wipper, Singer, songwriter
Kasha Anne, Professional Musician, The Orchard
Kate Ashby-Craft, Singer, songwriter, playwright
Kate Braid, Author, Poet
Kate Cayley, Author
Kate Jaimet, Author
Kate Kurdyak, Professional Musician, The Katherines
Kate Marshall Flaherty, Poet
Kate Pullinger, Author
Kate Story, Author
Kateri Lanthier, Poet
Katherine Koller, Playwright
Kathleen McDonnell, Author, Playwright
Kathryn Hummel, Professional Musician
Kathryn Mockler, Poet
Kathryn Para, Author
Kathy Mac, Poet
Kathy Stinson, Author
Katie Rox, Professional Musician, Nice Horse
Keith Garebian, Poet
Keith Harrison, Author
Keith Henderson, Author
Keith Inman, Poet
Kelly Doll, Professional Musician, The Doll Sisters
Ken Cameron, Playwright
Ken Haigh, Author
Ken Klonsky, Author, Playwright
Ken McGoogan, Author
Ken Whiteley, Professional Musician
Kendel Carson, Professional Musician
Kent Staines, Playwright
Kerry Gilbert, poet, Poet
Kevin Head, Playwright
Kevin Hearn, Professional Musician, Barenaked Ladies
Kevin Irie, Author, Poet
Kevin Klassen, Playwright
Kico Gonzalez-Risso, Playwright
Kiki Rowe, Professional Musician
Kim Aubrey Klement, Author
Kim Goldberg, Poet
Kim Maltman, Author
Kim Moritsugu, Author
Kim Thompson, Author
Kira Vermond, Author
Kirsteen MacLeod, Author
Krista Wodelet, Professional Musician, Nice Horse
Kristyn Dunnion, Author
Kyle Gruninger, Professional Musician, Incura
Kym Wolfe, Author
L. E. Carmichael, Author
Lally Cadeau, Playwright
Larry Mayell, Manager
Larry Mercey, Professional Musician
Laura Brandon, Author
Laura Robinson, Author
Laurel Smith, Playwright
Lauren Kurdyak, Professional Musician, The Katherines
Layne Coleman, Playwright
Leanna Brodie, Playwright
Lee Edward Födi, Author
Lee Wenaus, Professional Musician, Blue Noise
Leona Gom, Author
LeRoy Gorman, Author
Lesleigh Grice, Playwright
Lesley E. Strutt, Poet
Lib Spry, Playwright
Lights, Professional Musician
Lillian Boraks-Nemetz, Author
Lilly Barnes, Author, Poet
Linda Biasotto, Author
Linda Crosfield, Poet
Linda Frank, Poet
Linda Hutsell-Manning, Author, Playwright
Linda Stitt, Poet
Lindsay Wilson, Playwright
Lisa Bendall, Author
Lisa Guenther, Author
Lisa L.E. Coleman-Brown, Playwright
Lisa Saunders, Professional Musician, Ashses and Dreams
Lizzy Nelson, Professional Musician, Dani & Lizzy
Lloyd Joseph Mercey, Professional Musician, The Mercey Brothers
LM Falcone, Author
Lola Tostevin, Author
Loreena McKennitt, CM, OM, Professional Musician
Lori Cullen, Professional Musician
Lori Hahnel, Author
Lorne Elliott, Playwright
Lorne Shirinian, Author
Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Author
Louise Carson, Poet
Lucas DiPasquale, Professional Musician
Lucas Foss, Playwright
Lucia Frangione, Playwright
Lucia Mann, Author
Lynda A. Archer, Author
Lynne Bowen, Author
Lynne Kutsukake, Author
Lyse Champagne, Author
Maggie Dwyer, Author
Maggie Siggins, Author
Mairy Beam, Playwright
Marc H. Stevens, Author
Margaret Atwood, Author, Poet
Margaret HastingsJames, Author
Margaret Hollingsworth, Author
Margaret Lavin, Author
Margo MacDonald, Playwright
Margo Timmins, Professional Musician
Marguerite Pigeon, Author
Maria Crooks, Playwright
Maria Del mar, Playwright
Maria Dunn, Professional Musician
Maria Meindl, Author
Marianne Brandis, Author
Marie Claire Blais, Author
Marie Elyse St. George, Poet
Marie-José Thériault, Author
Mari-Lou Rowley, Author
Marilyn Bowering, Author
Marion Adler, Actor, writer
Marion Crook, Author
Marion de Vries, Playwright
Marion I. Brooker, Author
Marjorie Doyle, Author
Mark A. Rayner, Author
Mark Blagrave, Playwright
Mark Frutkin, Author
Mark Kearney, Author
Mark L. Winston, Author
Mark Leiren-Young, Author
Mark Lovell, Author
Marti Maraden, Theatre Director
Martin Mordecai, Author
Martina Sorbara, Professional Musician, Dragonette
Mary Alice Downie, Author
Mary Beth Rubens, Playwright
Mary C. Sheppard, Author
Mary Dalton, Author
Mary H. Rykov, Poet
Mary Jane Lamond, Arranger, Performer
Mary Lou Dickinson, Author
Mary Novik, Author
Mary Razzell, Author
Mary Vingoe, Playwright
Mary W. Walters, Author
Mary-Colin Chisholm, Playwright
Matt Layzell, Professional Musician, The Matinée
Matt Morson, Professional Musician
Matt Rose, Professional Musician, The Matinée
Matthew Good, Professional Musician
Maureen Hynes, Poet
Maureen Scott Harris, Author
Max Kerman, Professional Musician, Arkells
Maxine Ruvinsky, Author
Melissa Major, Playwright
Melissa Margaret Ratajczak Ratel, Author
Merilyn Simonds, Author
Merna Summers, Author
Merrie-Ellen Wilcox, Author
Michael Albert, Playwright
Michael Armstrong, Playwright
Michael Blair, Author
Michael Bublé , Professional Musician
Michael Elcock, Author
Michael Grant, Playwright
Michael J. Howell, Author
Michael Layland, Author
Michael Mirolla, Author
Michael Riordon, Author
Michael Rose, Playwright
Michael Timmins, Professional Musician, Cowboy Junkies
Michael Vanderlans, Professional Musician, Chris Buck Band
Michelle Barker, Author
Michelle Butler Hallett, Author
Michelle Mulder, Author
Miji Campbell, Author
Mike Boguski, Professional Musician, Blue Rodeo
Mike Czuba, Playwright
Mike DeAngelis, Professional Musician, Arkells
Mike Komaszczuk, Professional Musician, The Shilohs
Mike LeBlanc, Songwriter
Mike Poirier, Playwright
Miranda Mulholland, Professional Musician
Mireille Messier, Author
Miriam Clavir, Author
Miriam MacDonald, Poet
Mitch Smith, Professional Musician, The Orchard
Mo Kenney, Professional Musician
Mohammad Yaghoubi, Playwright
Molly Anne Warring, Author
Molly Guldemond, Professional Musician, Mother Mother
Monica Graham, Author
Monika S Ullmann, Author
Munroe Scott, Author, Playwright
muriel hogue, Playwright
Myna Wallin, Poet
Myrl Coulter, Author
Myrna Kostash​, Author
Myrna Neuringer Levy, Author
Nan Williamson, Poet
Nancy Graham, Author
Nancy M Bell, Author
Nancy McLaughlin, Playwright
Natalie Hyde, Author
Natasha Head, Poet
Nefe, Professional Musician
Nick Dika, Professional Musician, Arkells
Nikki Reimer, Author
Nino Ricci, CM, Author
NJ Taylor, Singer-songwriter
Noel Hudson, Author
Noel Johnson, Professional Musician, Johnson Crook
Nora Gold, Author
Norma West Linder, Author
Olive Senior, Author
Ormond S. Mitchell, Author
Orysia Dawydiak, Author
P. M. Foss, Author
Paddy Campbell, Playwright
Pam Bustin, Author
Pamela Beatson, Playwright
Pamela Porter, Author
Parveen Kaur, Author
Pat Crocker, Author
Patrcia McGoldrick, Poet
Patricia Ann Donahue, Author
Patricia Keeney, Poet
Patricia Phillips, Playwright
Patricia Robertson, Author
Patricia Silver, Composer, musician, publisher
Patricia Vanstone, Playwright
Patricia Westerhof, Author
Patrick John Timothy Connors, Poet
Patrick Lane, OC, Poet
Patrick Taylor, Author
Paul Cavanagh, Author
Paul Langlois, Professional Musician, The Tragically Hip
Paul Ledoux, Playwright
Paul Ramirez, Professional Musician, The Flatliners
Paul Seesequasis, Author
Paul Van Dyck, Playwright
Paul White, Author
Paula Wild, Author
Pauline Eulalie Le Bel, Author
Pauline Holdstock, Author
paulo da costa, Author
Paulo Neta, Professional Musician, Big Wreck
Peggy Gale, Author
Peggy Herring, Author
Penn Kemp, Playwright, Poet
Penney Kome, Author
Penny Draper, Author
Peter Anderson, Playwright
Peter Busby, Author
Peter Colley, Playwright
Peter Gruner, Playwright
Peter Lemon, Professional Musician, The Matinée
Peter MacNeill, Playwright
Peter Moss, Playwright
peter snider, Playwright
Peter Tertzakian, Author
Phil Hall, Author
Philip Pinkus, Playwright
Philip Resnick, Author
Phillip Puxley, Professional Musician, Chris Buck Band
Plum Johnson, Author
R.B. Fleming, Author
Rachel (R.J.) McMillen, Author
Rahul Varma, Playwright
Ramabai Espinet, Author
Rana Bose, Author
Randal Robert Alexander Marlin, Author
Randy Bachman, Professional Musician
Rebecca Bender, Author
Rebecca Grace, Playwright
Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Poet
Rebecca Upjohn, Author
Renee Hetherington, Author
Reshma Mituram, Playwright
Rex Deverell, Playwright
Rhea Tregebov, Author
Rhona McAdam, Author
Richard Clewes, Author
Richard Epp, Playwright
Richard King, Author
Richelle Kosar, Author
Rickferd Van Dyk, Professional Musician, The Headstones
Rob Baker, Professional Musician, The Tragically Hip
rob mclennan, Poet
Rob Shapiro, Professional Musician, Hey Romeo
Rob Smith, Professional Musician
Robert (Bob) Stallworthy, Author
Robert (D.M.) Currie, Poet
Robert Livesey, Author
Robert Pearson, Playwright
Robert Tsonos, Playwright
Robin Harlick, Author
Robin Richardson, Author
Robyn Marie Butt, Author
Robyn Sarah, Author
Rod Hayward, Playwright
Roger D. Bell, Author
Roger Nash, Poet
Roland Corrigal, Professional Musician, Roland Corrigal
Ron Brown, Author
Ron Charach, Author
Ron Smith, Author
Rona Altrows, Author
Ronald Ruskin, Author
Ronna Bloom, Author
Roo Borson, Author
Rosemary Clewes, Poet
Rosemary Rowe, Playwright
Rosemary Sullivan, OC, Author
Ross Muir, Playwright
Roxanne Standfer, Author
Roy Innes, Author
Roy Miki, Author
Royal Wood, Professional Musician
Rudy Wiebe, Author
Rusty Matyas, Professional Musician, The Sheepdogs
Ruth E. Walker, Author
Ruth Edgett, Author
Ryan Guldemond, Professional Musician, Mother Mother
Ryan Gullen, Professional Musician, The Sheepdogs
Ryan Stewart, Songwriter
S.B. Barak, Poet
S.D. Livingston, Author
S.R. Gage, Author
Sadhu Binning, Author
Sally Clark, Playwright
Sally Stubbs, Playwright
Sam Corbett, Professional Musician, The Sheepdogs
Sam Roberts, Professional Musician
Sandra Djwa, Author
Sandra Marie Lewis, Author
Sandra Nicholls, Author
Sanford Osler, Author
Sara Graefe, Playwright
Sara Keirsten Quin, Professional Musician, Tegan and Sara
Sarah Ellis, Author
Sarah Klassen, Author
Sarah Orrnstein, Playwright
Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang, Author
Sasha Singer-Wilson, Playwright
Scott Brigham, Professional Musician, The Flatliners
Scott Cooke, Record Producer
Scott Douglas, Playwright
Scott Helman, Professional Musician
Scott White, Playwright
Sean Arthur Joyce, Author
Sean McGinnis, Author
Sean Wiebe, Poet
Serena Ryder, Professional Musician
SG Lee, Playwright
Shamus Currie, Professional Musician, The Sheepdogs
Shane Peacock, Author
Shane Rhodes, Poet
Shari Hollett, Playwright
Sharon Butala, Author
Sharon Goodier, Poet
Sharon Oddie Brown, Author
Sharon Pollock, Playwright
Sharon Singer, Author
Sharron Timmins, Playwright
Shauna Johannesen, Playwright
Shauna Singh Baldwin, Author
Shawn Syms, Author
Sheila Peters, Author
Shelagh Plunkett, Author
Shelby Doll, Professional Musician, The Doll Sisters
Shelley A. Leedahl, Author
Shelley Hobbs, Playwright
Shelley Tanaka, Author
Shirley (S.A.) McCormick, Poet
Shirley Barrie, Playwright
Sid Marty, Author
Silver Donald Cameron, Author
Simon Bradbury, Playwright
Simon Johnston, Playwright
Simon Leigh, Author
Sonia Tilson, Author
Sonja Larsen, Author
Souvankham Thammavongsa, Author
Stacie Roper, Professional Musician, Hey Romeo
Stan Rogal, Playwright
Star Weiss, Author
Steph Cameron, Professional Musician
Stephanie Bolster, Poet
Stephen Fearing, Professional Musician
Stephen Henighan, Author
Stephen Leahy, Author
Stephen Orlov, Playwright
Stephen O'Shea, Professional Musician, You Say Party
Stephen W Young, Playwright
Stephens Gerard Malone, Author
Steve Pitt, Author
Steven Benstead, Author
Steven Heighton, Author
Steven Mayoff, Author
Steven Ross Smith, Author, Poet
Stevie Jewel, Professional Musician
Stuart Ross, Author
Sue Chenette, Poet
Sue Donaldson, Author
Sue Harper, Author
Sue Smith, Singer, songwriter
Susan Crean, Author
Susan Ioannou, Author, Poet
Susan Kerslake, Author
Susan McCaslin, Poet
Susan McMaster, Poet
Susan McNicoll, Author
Susan Olding, Author
Susan Swan, Author
Susan Taylor, Playwright
Susin Nielsen, Author
Suzanne Harper, Author
suzanne ristic, Playwright
Suzie Ungerleider, Singer-songwriter, Oh Susanna
Sylvia Gunnery, Author
Sylvia Maultash Warsh, Author
Sylvia McNicoll, Author
Talia Pura, Playwright
Tana M. Runyan, Author
Tanya Evanson, Poet
Tanya Kyi, Author
Tara Goldstein, Playwright
Tara K. Torme, Playwright
Tawd Jeffrey, Professional Musician, HarpAcash & the Morals
Taylor Allum, Professional Musician, Chris Buck Band
Tedde Moore, Playwright
Tegan Rain Quin, Professional Musician, Tegan and Sara
Terry Erickson, Professional Musician, Doc Tibbles
Terry Griggs, Author
Terry Morrison, Professional Musician, songwriter
Terry Murray, Author
Thelma Fayle, Author
Theress Tova, Playwright
thom vernon, Author
Thomas Bennett, Playwright
Tim Falconer, Author
Tim Moxam, Professional Musician
Tim Oxford, Professional Musician, Arkells
Tim White, Professional Musician, The Headstones
Tom Douglas​, Author
Tommy MacDonald, Professional Musician, Hedley
Tracey Brown-Prescott, Professional Musician
Trent Carr, Professional Musician, The Headstones
Trevor Carolan, Author
Trevor Cole, Author
Trevor Guthrie, Professional Musician
Trevor Macleod, Professional Musician, Cold Creek County
Trina Davies, Playwright
Tristan Horncastle, Professional Musician
Tyler Shaw , Professional Musician
Tyler Stewart, Professional Musician, Barenaked Ladies
Ursula Jordaan, Playwright
Uwe Meyer, Playwright
Valerie Alia, Author
Valerie Biggin, Music Supervisor
Valerie Green, Author
Valerie Haig-Brown, Author
Valerie Knowles, Author
Valerie Sing Turner, Playwright
Vanessa Farnsworth, Author
Vanessa Grant Oltmann, Author
Vanessa Shields, Poet
Vera Frenkel, Playwright
Victor Enns, Author
Victor Micallef, Professional Musician, The Tenors
Vince Agro, Author
Vishesh Abeyratne, Playwright
Vivien Lougheed, Author
W J Matheson, Playwright
Wade Bell, Author
Wade MacNeil, Professional Musician, Alexisonfire
Walter Bruce MacDonald, Author
Walter Hildebrandt, Author
Wanda R Graham, Playwright
Wasela Hiyate, Author
Wendy Bird, Professional Musician, The High Bar Gang
William (Bill) Rowe, Author
William Deverell, Author
Y.C. Lee, Playwright
Yan Li, Author
Yosh Taguchi, Author
Yvonne Blomer, Author
Yvonne Trainer, Poet
Zoë S. Roy, Author

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