Apple Hits 20M Subscribers

NEW YORK: Apple has released the latest numbers for the music subscription service Apple Music.

   In the 18 months since the service was launched, the tech giant reveals that it has just crossed the 20M paid subscribers mark. It last reported 17M subscribers in September, marking a 15% jump in three months.

   In addition, the company announces that 60% of customers using Apple Music have not bought content from the iTunes Music Store in the last 12 months -- a portion of which are dormant users, but "the vast majority are new customers,"  Eddy Cue, Apple's Sr. VP of Internet software and products, tells Billboard.

   Now available in more than 100 countries, over 50% of Apple Music subscribers live outside of the US -- in markets such as Canada, China, South Africa, Japan, Russia, Brazil and India -- states the company.

   Apple is also touting its success in launching a slew of No. 1 albums, among them releases by Drake, both solo (Views) and with Future (What a Time to Be Alive); Frank Ocean's Blonde; Future's Evol; DJ Khaled's Major Key; and Travis Scott's Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.

   According to Spotify, as of September 2016, the service had 40M paying subscribers worldwide, up from 30M in March 2016.

   Apple has yet to break down its numbers by territories, so the subscription number in Canada is not in the public purview.

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