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From: Chuck McCoy

 "Radio's Clouded Future" are fighting words, so here's some more data to make my point.  To quote Mark Twain when he read his obituary in the paper, " Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

  They say radio is a combination of Art and Science.  I prefer the "Art" component but your "Clouded Future" question leads me to the "Science" side.

   Coincidentally, Edison Research is hot off the press with their Q-3 2016 study on the share of all audio listening.  

   Putting all the anecdotal evidence aside, I leave you with an authoritative and definitive view of how people consume audio content,  showing the share of time spent with each platform.

Key findings:

  • Time spent with pre-owned music is down 9%. We are transitioning from purchased entertainment to renting content.

  • YouTube beats Pandora and is the #1 streaming service.

  • Pandora's audience shares have stagnated over the past year.

  • Spotify continues to grow, but not as dramatically as it did at the start of the year. Spotify now has a bigger share than Pandora with millennials.

  • Apple Music is steadily shrinking. Audience share is one-half what it was a year ago. Apple is not a Media company.  

  • Despite growth in many streaming services, AM/FM dominates with a 50% share of audio time spent. Streaming services are growing at the expense of pre-owned music, not AM/FM radio.

Here's the Data-


About Edison Research’s “Share of Ear” Study
Every quarter, 2,000 respondents keep a 24-hour log to record audio usage. Each quarterly “Share of Ear” study reflects 8,000 respondents, representing a rolling four-quarter average. 

   Edison is a leading provider of radio research, with more than 20 years of experience.  Edison is the originator of the well-known “Infinite Dial” study, a 20-year study tracking digital audio and other digital media. Edison is also the sole provider of election exit poll information to major TV networks and the Associated Press.



-- Facebook has released its list of the most-watched Facebook Live videos in Canada and the U.S., with mothers’ videos ranking first in both countries. A video of Alberta mom Kirsten Johnson trying to teach her child how to tie his shoes tops the Canadian list. The Canadian top topics list features some Canada-specific events and trends, including the Fort McMurray wildfire, the Blue Jays, Gord Downie & The Tragically Hip, and the Toronto Raptors. More here.

-- Google wants a BC Supreme Court decision affecting access to information on the Internet overturned. It is seeking an injunction from the country's highest court now and is joined by some civil liberties orgs.

-- Since the failed coup in July, at least 15 Turkish journalists have fled to Canada in the last few months seeking asylum.

-- CBC/Radio Canada’s Open House and Food Bank Day has concluded its 30th year, shattering previous records by raising $780,347. Stations around the province featured a mix of live broadcasts and events while collecting cash and food donations.

-- Broadcast Dialogue features ERG president and CEO Bill Evanov on the occasion of his golden anniversary in in broadcasting. Evanov, whose stations now number 18 in four provinces, spent his first 10 years in radio working in sales at Johnny Lombardi’s ethnic station, CHIN Toronto.

-- Steve Faguy offers a rundown of Numeris top-line data for Montréal on his Fagstein blog.

-- Northwest Broadcasters tips that veteran Global News morning host Steve Darling, who was released from the station in early Oct, stands a good chance of winning the Burnaby-Lougheed riding during next spring’s provincial election on May 9th.

-- Journal de Montréal columnist Richard Martineau is suing the crowdfunded media outlet Ricochet for defamation over a satirical and fake obituary. The notice, posted in Feb., included a cartoon of dogs lining up to pee on Martineau’s grave, and another God tossing Martineau’s orphaned soul in the trash, after it’s dropped off by Death for entrance to heaven >>

-- The Board of Trustees of the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame has announced the appointment of Phil Anderson, VE3FAS, of Amaranth, ON, to the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame for 2016.

-- Montréal Tourism has launched the following pitch that gives a gentle poke to neighbouring Toronto.



CBS-owned B96 (WBBM-FM) Chicago held its annual Jingle Bash at the Allstate Arena on Saturday night with Britney Spears, Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony, The Chainsmokers, G-Eazy, DNCE, OneRepublic, and Alessia Cara on the bill.

-- The Brady Bunch actress Susan Olsen, who starred on the sitcom as the youngest daughter Cindy, was fired from her co-hosting job at LA Talk Radio on Friday following an alleged homophobic rant against openly gay actor Leon Acord-Whiting, who had guested on her show the same day. She co-hosted the radio talk show with Sheena Metal, which was titled 'Two Chicks Talkin' Politics.' Fox News reports on the story.

-- Radio enthusiasts have recreated the first-ever, trans-Atlantic shortwave broadcast, 95 years after it connected Ardrossan and the US, the BBC reports. Members of the Radio Society of Great Britain exchanged broadcasts with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and the Radio Club of America on Sunday.

-- The government of India is offering 90% subsidies in its northeastern states to set up community radio services. According to Hindustan Times, Information & broadcasting minister M Venkaiah Naidu "announced the sops on Saturday after some state governments placed on record a 'sense of isolation' shaped by the gaps in communicating the Centre’s policy."

-- AccuRadio is sporting 17 free holiday channels on its music streaming service. It's worth noting that the Chicago-based, semi-interactive web service also offers a wide selection of Canadian music channels, including at least four that offer popular music selections from Québec.


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No one really knows how diverse our private broadcasters are: Because of weak and inconsistent reporting guidelines, it is impossible to know the racial makeup of of private Canadian broadcasting—or whether their diversity expectations are being met -- CanadaLand

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