Top News Stories of 2016 Pt. 2

Continuing our look back at 2016, the second half of the year, the top stories that had the greatest impact on the music industry included the opening of Calgary's National Music Centre; a recommendation to overhaul the Copyright Board, Nunavut's first-ever record label and Universal Music Canada's move into the creative agency field, among others.

Those that left this mortal coil between July and December include Leonard Cohen, Oscar Brand, Alan Thicke, notorious DJ Scruff Connors and Gordie Tapp.  To that effect - we've gathered a list of obit links beneath what we consider to be the top stories for the second half of the year..


Jul 4 - Line-ups mark NMC's Grand Opening

Jul 8 - CONNECT, Re:Sound Efficiencies Put $2M More on Table for Canadian Rights Holders

Jul 11 - Cowen Study: US Music Industry Rebounding With Spotify

Jul 18 - Apple Proposes Higher Royalty Rates for Music Streaming Rivals

Jul 21  - SOCAN Moves Into NA Mechanical Rights with Audiam Purchase

Aug 3 - Randy Lennox Now President of Content & Broadcasting at Bell

Aug 3 - What Are Streaming Platforms Paying Artists?

Aug 11 - imagineNATIVE and Slaight Music Partner For Bull's Eye Talent Search

Aug 12 - YouTube Now Licensed in Canada by CMRRA

Aug 15 - CBC's Aug. 20 Hip TV Concert To Be Screened At Over 200 Venues

Aug 18 - Revenues Down, Profits Up for Private Radio in 2015

Aug 30 - Rogers Teams with Shazam For New Radio Countdown Show

Sep 1 -  CRTC Denies Paid Advertising Extension to CBC's Radio 2, Ici Music

Sep 20 - Kaytranada Takes the 2016 Polaris Prize

Sep 23 - IFPI Global Consumer Report Includes Canadian Data

Sep 30  - Nielsen Music Insights: US Vs. Canadian Consumers

Oct 04 - Announcing Aakuluk Music, Nunavut's First Record Label

Oct 06 - Jingle Ball Has Bell Media Flexing iHeart As A Super Brand

Oct 07 - CRTC Slashes Wholesale ISP Internet Fees

Oct 13 - Harvest Picnic Future Up In Air As Promoter Sues For Nearly $27M In Damages

Oct 13 - Downie and Wenjack Families Launch Fund Focused On Reconciliation

Oct 26 - Pandora Lost $250M in the First Nine Months Of 2016

Nov 10 - UMG On Track To Post $5B in Revenues

Nov 22 - Bell Media Partners with Sol Guy's DAIS

Nov 28 - CIMA Report: Expanded Music Export Funding Critical For Future Global Growth

Nov 30 - Stars United: New Cultural Policies Must Reflect Creative Class Concerns

Dec 02 - Copyright Board Overhaul Now An Urgent Priority

Dec 07 - Apple Hits 20M Subscribers

Dec 15 - Farina To Head iHeartRadio Canada Syndication and Strategic Arm

Dec 16 - UMC Enters Ad Agency Market with Shed Creative



In Memoriam


Sep 9 - RIP: Harold Kudlats, The Colonel, Passes at 99

Oct 3 - RIP: Canadian Folk Legend Oscar Brand, 1920-2016

Oct 20 - RIP: Phil Chess, Co-Founder of Famed Chicago Blues Label

Nov 02 - RIP: Dave Broadfoot, 1925-2016

Nov 11 - Leonard Cohen 1934-2016

Nov 15 - RIP: Yvan Dufresne 1930-2016 

Nov 17 - RIP: Québec Bluesman 'Bob' Walsh

Nov 21 - RIP: Canadian Cable Pioneer Israel "Sruki" Switzer

Dec 15 - Alan Thicke Tributes Pour In From Family, Friends and the Famous

Dec. 19 - RIP: Scruff Connors

Dec. 20 - RIP: Gordie Tapp

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