The Most Viewed Music Track On FYI In 2016: Eduardo Noya's "Versailles (Now and Forever I Am Your King)"

Consistently one of the most viewed pages on FYI in the past year was a review and video clip of the theme music for Versailles, an extravagant costume drama TV-series that shortly is into its third season.

   Set during the construction of the French palace during the reign of Louis 1V, the $30M-plus series is complemented by Montrealer Eduardo Noya (Schreus)'s hauntingly beautiful symphonic electronica that introduces each episode.

   Noya's profile in the commercial pop world is at best understated, but his reputation as a creator of ambient symphonic works for film, televsion and the world of commercials has earned him high praise and commissions. It's hard to pin down any uniform musical direction but one can argue his cinematic style offers at least a nod to composers such as Brian Eno, Avro Part and Jean-Michel Jarre. When not writing commercial music or scores he is one-half of the experimental electro-beat duo NOIA, with Ashley Long.  

   Below, Versailles's opening music with its ethereal and haunting vocal that cries out, “I was the king of my own land, Facing tempests of dust, I'll fight until the end. Creatures of my dreams raise up and dance with me. Now and forever I'm your king."








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