The pied piper of Aleppo
The pied piper of Aleppo

The Toy Smuggler Of Aleppo

Rami Adham, a 44-year-old Finnish-Syrian father of six, originally from Aleppo and living in Finland since 1989, believes that it's everyone's right to provide and receive help whenever it's needed.

   "It's also a sign of humanity to care for those who are not so close to us in our everyday living," he explains of his voluntary mission to the Syrian war zone that started five years ago, bringing toys to displaced children in the city of Aleppo and beyond.

   "My voluntary mission started around five years ago when I dedicated my life to help Syrian kids in any way I can. I started by using all my savings to buy and deliver food, medicine, water and of course, thousands of toys to displaced Syrian kids. (all that I could carry with me)

   "I travel personally to Syria / conflict zones where there is still hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped under the ruthless air bombing.

   He says he has earned the title of the "Toy Smuggler of Aleppo" and was smuggled across the border by clandestine means from people who came to know and sympathize with his mission.

   There have been questions raised about his use of pledged funds and donations, but he has been quick to respond, and it is his life that is on the line each time he undertakes his mission.

   There will always be those who wish to put acts of human kindness and bravery under the microscope and splash dirty water on them. We salute his bravery, and wish there were more like him to help the children.





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