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Fifty years ago three-bucks got you in the door at the Pender Auditorium in Vancouver to see the Grateful Dead who sported sound gear designed by Owsley "Bear" Stanley, a one-time ballet student who cheffed for the band and become famous as a chemist creating batches of acid for the beat poets of the era.

That's the back story to a time when a group of kids decided it was time to hit back at Vancouver's then staid civic leaders with an alternative voice. Painter Pierre Coupey, poet and playwright Milton Acorn, American beat writer and UBC student Stan Persky, and fellow UBC maths student and poet Dan McLeod held an informal meeting over beers at the Cecil Hotel--one of the city's more famous "peeler" bars, now replaced by a posh condo building. But back to the story, after guzzling, the lads threw their lot in together and on May 5, 1967, the first edition of the biweekly Georgia Straight was born. It cost a dime.

Dan McLeod continues as publisher but, alas, the grand stories between then and now have remained mostly obscured by his aversion to the spotlight; however, the weekly will be revisiting its archives in the coming year. We wish the paper all the best, and it's 'hats off' to Dan.

-- Steve Kennedy has joined Corus Radio Kitchener as PD at DAVE Rocks and 95.1 The BEAT. With 30 years behind him, the Loyalist College grad holds some kind of record, having worked for Rawlco, Standard, Astral, CHUM, Rogers, Newcap and Blackgold Broadcasting.

-- "Gruff" Gushnowski was recently named Director of Programming for Blackgold Broadcasting. He retains his title as PD and afternoon-drive host at 93.1 The One in Leduc, AB.

-- Rookie councillor Richard Zurawski is making headlines in Halifax for refusing to appear on News 95.7 (CJNI-FM) and The Coast reports him "apparently" filing for damages against parent company Rogers Media over the termination of his contract. Zurawski was a longtime meteorologist for the HRM-FM and other Rogers’ stations before being elected to city council in October.

Fagstein's Media Digest

Super Bowl simsub wars, L’actualité sold, Dave Maynard retires from CFCF


Spotify/GroupM survey evaluates streaming audio advertising

Spotify and GroupM, which struck an alliance in November, have executed a study (Streaming State of Mind) into streaming media consumption, listener demographics, mobile listening, and ad spend. Part of Spotify's effort to evangelize streaming audio to advertisers, this deep and expansive survey delivers interesting insights.

James Cridland’s Future of Radio: a youTuber’s revenue; Donald FM; loss of serendipity

James Cridland's Future of Radio is a column by the Australia-based radio futurologist. THIS WEEK: a youTuber's revenue; Donald FM; loss of serendipity.

SESAC acquired by Blackstone Group

SESAC has been acquired by the Blackstone Group. The collection and licensing society bills itself as the only one in the U.S. handling public performance, mechanical, synchronization and other rights under a single umbrella. Financial details of the acquisition have not been revealed, but the deal is projected to close by the end of Q1 2017.

Pandora launches wide release of new “Muted Video” and display ad formats

Test partners included Denny’s, Google, Express, and the Lexus Dealers Association. the six-month limited roll-out enabled Pandora to test the technology execution and collect engagement metrics that can be preached to advertisers generally.

Radio Ink

2016 Lowest Year For Radio Deals in Decades

According to SNL Kagan Radio deal volume in 2016 totaled $522.6 million, which is the lowest year on record going back to 1982. In the fourth quarter of 2016 there were $96.2 million in radio deals done. October was the busiest month with 79% of the total transactions for the quarter taking place in that month. There were 11 deals above $1 million in October. And the biggest deal of the 4th quarter was...

Rock & Roll Will Live Forever in St. Louis

KSHE in St. Louis says it's the longest running rock station in the world after launching almost 50 years ago. They are still going strong today. And in celebration of 50 years rocking the city of St. Louis, the Emmis owned station is doing something very cool on January 9.

BMI Files Action Against RMLC

Tuesday morning, BMI filed an action in Federal Rate Court looking to set interim fees for radio stations represented by the Radio Music License Committee. The RMLC represents over 10,000 radio stations. BMI says the RMLC made an unacceptable offer and that's the reason for the court filing. The RMLC did not respond to our request for comment.

What Is Frigo? And Why Does Radio Love Them?

FRIGO was born in 2000 when a Swedish inventor decided that men’s underwear was, in general, pretty terrible. And last week FRIGO was radio's number two advertiser (up from 44th) according to the latest chart from Media Monitors.

What Was Said

An opportunity for radio to grab a larger share of consumers’ time and attention. The mobile phone has freed Americans from having to be in a particular place to stay in touch. But is has also freed us as media consumers from the couch and the TV set. TV is a couch medium; radio is a moving-about medium. It is a mobile medium. You can be in your car, walking down the street, riding in a train or on a plane, and enjoy radio. The more mobile our society gets, the greater the opportunity for radio to become the medium of choice. Media people marvel over the strength of outdoor ad spending at a time when other media are suffering. Out of home is benefiting from society’s increasing mobility. Radio stands to as well. -- The Future of Radio, Seven important trends, Media Life

Worth Noting

YouTube loses to music streaming competitors: People paying for the likes of Spotify and Apple Music played more music streams in the US last year than users of YouTube – in a dramatic market reversal -- MBW

How Beats used celebrity marketing to become millennials' favourite audio brand: From Justin Bieber to Lil Wayne, these earphones are on everyone's ears -- Ad Week

Man plans to curl at every club in Canada: Cross-country curling trek could bring man to 1,500 curling clubs. Rob Swan's initial plan was to curl at every club in New Brunswick to raise enough cash for a new facility to replace the small, two-sheet rink in Harvey Station, just southwest of Fredericton, but now he plans to leave no stone unturned in his quest to promote the sport.

For Trojan, Inventive Packaging Made the Sale When Advertising Wasn't Allowed: Since Youngs Rubber Co. introduced its signature product in 1916, Trojan has been “America’s No. 1 condom brand.” But getting there hasn’t been simple -- Ad Age

Ditch the product-centric mindset... and replace it with a customer-centric marketing mindset: The key is to focus on customer profitability. Start by asking yourself tough questions, like: What kinds of customers are the most valuable to us? How can we enhance this particular customer segment's financial value to us? How do we find more customers like them? -- Ad Age

A new type of cord-cutting: Snipping broadband. “Cord-cutting started in landlines and gave way to cord-cutting in pay TV in the U.S. We are now entering the realm of triple cord-cutting,” says Kristin Paulin, a senior analyst at Ovum media & telecom research -- Media Life


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