Canadian Music Blogs You Should Be Following

As music coverage in traditional print media outlets continues to narrow, exposure on blogs for all artists has never been more important. But the fact remains that blogs are labours of love by fans, whose primary reward is spreading the word about music that deserves more attention. They deserve more attention as well, so if you’re looking to get ahead of the curve on Canadian music in 2017, here’s a dozen or so blogs you should be following… along with FYI Music News of course!


A Music Blog Yea!

The tireless efforts of Toronto-based founder Alicia Atout have made AMBY one of the most popular music sites on the Web. Her countless video interviews with legends and newbies alike recall the glory days of CityTV’s The New Music, and international correspondents give a site a global feel.

Brave Words

A mix of up-to-the-minute news, reviews and exclusive content has maintained Brave Words’ position as the primary source in Canada for all things heavy and metal.

Canadian Beats

Hands down the most enthusiastic supporter of Canadian music on the Web, Canadian Beats covers everything from country to hard rock to hip-hop. As more exclusive content keeps being added, the future of this blog looks bright—if they can keep up with it all.

Canadian Dope

The range of Canadian hip-hop blogs continues to expand, with many good ones dedicated to specific cities. With its national scope, Canadian Dope does a nice job covering it all, with new tracks and videos posted every day.


Rising from the ashes of the long-running blog Quick Before It Melts, which sadly shut down last year, Dominionated continues in that spirit on a smaller scale, but with the same passion to deliver the latest offerings from the Canadian indie scene.

Grayowl Point

One of Canada’s most reliable sources for new indie sounds for many years, its unpretentious style covers a wide range of genres, and reads like a conversation with a trusted friend.

Indie Music Filter

Celebrating 10 years, this Toronto-based blog posts a nice mix of domestic and international new tracks daily, with monthly playlists highlighting their favourites. An up-to-date Ontario concert listing tab is also handy for GTA residents.

Jaded & Elated

Based in Winnipeg, this still relatively new blog is focused on ‘90s Canadian rock, simultaneously celebrating the past, while keeping up with what the major players of the era are doing now. Definitely plenty to dig into if you’re a fan of that period.

Le Canal Auditif

If you’re looking for a francophone take on new music, this is the place to go. The site covers pretty much everything, with an obvious focus on what’s going on in Quebec. Bon appetite!

Ride The Tempo

With fresh tracks and reviews posted daily, it doesn’t get more cutting edge than Ride The Tempo. Tiana Feng and her crew do a heroic job supporting the Canadian indie scene in all of its diverse glory.

Said The Gramophone

One of the first Canadian music blogs—co-founded by Giller Award-winning author Sean Michaels—is going strong, providing poetic observations and commentary on Canadian indie music that would normally fly under the radar.

Silent Shout

Delving into the deeper end of electronica, Silent Shout proves that there’s a lot more substance behind the beats than most might think. A whole new world to explore.

Weird Canada

Speaking of new worlds, Weird Canada is the place to find the completely unexpected. Most of what’s posted is raw, but the seeds of brilliance are present more often than not.



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