Randy Lennox, Bell's 'Content Guru'

Randy Lennox recently pulled back the curtain on what he's been doing at Bell Media.

An extensive Globe & Mail feature, penned by ROB Media reporter James Bradshaw, has the Broadcasting and Content division president headlined as "Bell's content guru." The piece helped shed light on the former president of Universal Music Canada's strategy at the telecommunications giant.

Lennox tells James Bradshaw that he was recruited "to bring some IP-based thinking" to the company.

This was dramatically exemplified recently with Bell's substantial co-venture investment in Michael Cohl theatrical production of Bat Out Of Hell that launches in London's West End before landing in North America.

The story lays out Lennox's early move in spearheading a long-term deal with iHeartMedia, resulting in the iHeartRadio brand launch here.

As the Globe story notes, "It's arrival united Bell's existing online radio feeds on a ready-made platform, and there are plans to add a subscriber service with commercial-free streams that promote live music events."

In its first six weeks of operation in Canada, some 25 million hours of radio programming were streamed, the story informs. Lennox terms the venture "an infant, but an optimistic one."

The story also cites the creation of DIAS, a Toronto studio dedicated to artist development, as another IP-oriented initiative.

The core strategy in making these moves is for Bell Media to spend less dollars renting content, in favour of creating its own.

The profile concludes with Lennox drawing up on his deep experience of the music industry. "In [2002], right when the music business started its tailspin, rumours of its demise were largely exaggerated. It's now in a recovery mode, and it is quite analogous to what we're going through now."

"The only thing preventing us from (having) a buoyant industry in the future is a lack of imagination."

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