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How Amazon, Google and Facebook will bring down telcos: These tech titans didn’t plan to take down the telcos. But they depend upon you having fast, reliable internet, so they’re bringing everything in-house -- Klint Finley, Wired

Here's why vinyl isn't about to save the music biz and why albums need rethinking: The majority of the volume of vinyl sales is driven by nostalgic older music fans -- Mark Mulligan, Music Industry Blog

10 pop culture trends that should stay the fuck out of 2017: A quick note before we begin: I am not including “death” as a pop culture trend. Yes, it certainly seems that the Grim Reaper stood at the top of 2016 and swung that giant scythe from Game of Thrones every day or two just for fun, but the sad truth is that celebrities are not going to stop dying in 2017 -- Vinnie Mancuso, Observer

Actors seek posthumous protections after big-screen resurrections: Actors are actively negotiating the use of their or their loved ones' computer-generated images in movies, television or commercials. Employment contracts govern how they can be used in a particular film or commercial, while a performer's will can address broader issues -- Reuters

The wah-wah pedal was invented 50 years ago in a Hollywood Hills garage -- LA Weekly

Influential hiphop star Yasiin Bey announces his retirement from music: The former Mos Def exits after farewell show -- Village Voice

How Canadian music publishers nurture songwriters: Examples include Hawksley Workman and Royal Wood --

Songwriters on the verge of extinction: American music lawyer Dina LaPolt breaks down the current landscape of the music industry in her country. Her journey to becoming an advocate for creator’s rights, and the importance of fighting for what you believe in, whatever that may be, led to this TED Talk.







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