Ginger Ale & The Monowhales: Home

Ginger Ale & The Monowhales: "Home" (Independent): This track has written a real success story for this Toronto indie pop band, notching some impressive stats since it came out via video clip a few months back. The video has received over 226,000 views on Facebook to date (and 2.6K shares) and just broke 100,000 plays on Spotify on January 1.

Publicist Paula Danylevich at Hype tells us that "the band didn't have the money at the time to take it to radio. The success of the video made them look at their options and we decided to take a shot at sending it to radio. Breaking 100k plays on Spotify was icing on the cake."

The track, taken from their second EP Bang, was sent to commercial radio via DMDS yesterday, and programmers would be smart to give it a listen and a shot. "Home" has an infectious and upbeat vibe and is a heartfelt homage to Toronto. The video captures that perfectly, and the shots of the now-shuttered Honest Ed's will elicit nostalgia amongst fellow citizens. Word is that Mayor John Tory is a fan.




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