Precision Record Pressing Plant Getting Ready To Roll

The much-publicized news that Calgary record pressing plant Canada Boy Vinyl is ceasing operations continues to reverberate.

Better news on the near horizon is that the also much-discussed Precision Record Pressing plant, based in Burlington, Ontario, is very close to begin pumping out vinyl at its plant.

VP of Sales Paul Miller told FYI this week that the highly-anticipated opening of the plant "is now scheduled for later this month. We're just in the final stages of electricals. We haven't completely settled on an etched in stone date as to when records will start pressing.

Commissioning a plant from the ground-up is definitely very labour intensive as an operation. It is something of a moving target, but as close as we are it is hard to believe it won't be this month."

Last July, FYI interviewed Gerry McGhee, President of Isotope Music Inc., and the driving force behind Precision. He informed us then that "there’ll be an announcement pretty soon about the first record we’re pressing and what band it is. There’ll be a documentary done on it, plus a press conference from the plant.” The initial official opening date had been set as Sept. 16th.

Precision is a partnership between Isotope and Czech vinyl manufacturing company GZ, believed to be the largest manufacturer of vinyl in the world.

Despite the delays in opening the Canadian plant, Precision has been taking and filling orders for the past year, as Miller explains. "We have been accepting orders for some time as we are a co-venture with GZ Media. We have some reserve capacity with them, so we have been pressing records with our sister plant in Prague, actually since last January. We have pressed thousands and thousands of records up until now."

Our initial story on Isotope/Precision was one of our most widely-shared features of 2016. Read it here




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