The Economics Of Meet-And-Greets

The music industry is really difficult. The overhead for me to do this is fucking crazy; we have to pay around fourteen thousand dollars a month just to function.

"We didn't tour for a year, so I had to come up with fourteen grand a month just to keep everything going. Then when we do tour, it's fucking expensive. A thousand dollars per person to fly shit class from Vancouver, too.

"A lot of the times, fans may think bands are taking the piss by simply doing a meet-and-greet, but if we don't do them, we simply can't do what we're doing. It's not like we do them then get a bonus at the end of the tour. On the other side of it, if you're in the band and you're hypersensitive to people's energy, like I believe I am, meet-and-greets fucking beat the shit out of you. Not because you don't want to meet people, but because in order to do it correctly, you really have to invest yourself and be present and ready to talk to people and sometimes accept hyperbolic praise or criticism, and you have to be emotionally resilient enough to not let either… I mean, it's about them. They're paying for a moment and your job is to be present and that's really challenging on tour.

Devin Townsend, Noisey

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