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Current news and features we unearthed from around the web we thought you might like to read today...

Camila Cabello says she was sexualized too young in Fifth Harmony: “Unfortunately, sex sells. There’s definitely been times where there’s stuff that I have not been comfortable with and I’ve had to put my foot down” -- NY Daily News

GMR fires back: RMLC telling lies: Following the news that the RMLC was concerned Irving Azoff’s organization was contacting radio stations “making misstatements” about an interim license to play GMR’s recordings, GMR has sent a follow-up letter to stations, basically calling out the Radio Music Licensing Committee for being liars -- Radio Ink

Styles cuts Drake down for use of 'ghostwriters': According to Styles P, it all comes down to allegations that claim Drake used ghostwriters to write his lyrics. “I like Drake as an artist,” Styles P told Vlad TV. “Before I found out [about Drake allegedly using ghostwriters]... I was like, ‘Ok, Drake, Kendrick, Cole, they in the battle for it’” -- Int. Business Times

Heart's Ann Wilson set to tour without sis: Promises "classy set with elegant production" -- While Wilson tours, her sister-bandmate Nancy is releasing new music with former Prince collaborator, Liv Warfield -- Rolling Stone

Royal Albert Hall offers a rare sale of a private box: Will set you back over $3M – Washington Post

Emm Gryner joins David Bowie tribute in NYC:  I think he would enjoy this show, she says -- The Toronto Star

Folk star Ani DiFranco reveals she is writing a memoir -- Associated Press

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