Gerry McGhee. Pic: Andrew Francis Wallace, The Star
Gerry McGhee. Pic: Andrew Francis Wallace, The Star

Brighton Rock Singer Presses On At Precision Pressing

The Toronto Star catches up with Gerry McGhee, vocalist in Brighton Rock and now a partner in the spanking new, Burlington, ON Precision Pressing vinyl plant that comes on stream next week.

Waxing on about the vinyl resurgence may be old news to some, but for Gerry McGhee, capitalizing on the trend has meant a troublesome, years-long quest to open a new vinyl pressing plant in Ontario.

From searching the world for record-making machines to construction delays and cutting through bureaucratic red tape, it has been three long years, but McGhee can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Or will be able to after this weekend.

“We actually had to approach our neighbours and ask them to shut down for 12 hours just to get the power lines in,” said McGhee, vice-president, Precision Record Pressing. “That’s happening this weekend, and we’ll finally be up and running soon after.”

Originally planned to open last June, the five new machines, which cost approximately $200,000 apiece, are in place at the 20,000-square-foot facility in Burlington, and the current 40-person staff is being trained in advance of production starting up in the next few weeks.

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