JAZZ.FM91 Studio "Slaighted" To Be Rechristened

Thanks to the donation of a distant relative who wishes to remain anonymous, the JAZZ.FM91 broadcast studio in Toronto has been renamed "The Allan Slaight Studio."

Wanting to celebrate the 85-year-old Allan Slaight's legacy as a philanthropist, media mogul, magician and Member of the Order of Canada - as well as his lifelong love of jazz (Slaight's very first radio program in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan was Spins and Needles, devoted to late night jazz - and he also served as a jazz reviewer and columnist for the university newspaper) - the tribute arrived as an "unprecedented" single donation to JAZZ.FM91.

The financial gift will also enable the station to produce over 30 concerts a year, deliver on-air specialty programming and contribute toward music education programs such as Jazz 4 Kids and the JAZZ.FM91 Youth BIg Band.

“To know Allan’s career started by broadcasting jazz gives us immense pleasure,” said Ross Porter, CEO and President of JAZZ.FM91, in a statement.

 “He essentially created a broadcast empire that helped to change the face of media in Canada.  We are deeply proud to recognize him.”

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