Pat Silver On The Joy In Being A Musician

We are going to Edinburgh Fringe. Dan Stapleton and I are taking our Sphere Clown Band "Clowntown" show to theSpace, starting August 3 for 2 weeks.


Because we are artists. And we really enjoy the performing.

Most people think of me as an arts administrator/agent/grant writer/artist manager but at heart, I'm a musician. It pains me when people say "oh, I didn't know that you play" (and it is never said in an unkind way).

Yes, I play 12 instruments, sing and write songs, some of which have won awards.

I fell into adminstration and have been fortunate to have done a good job, working with amazing artists, helping to build many careers. But I have to play. So we will.

If you are coming to Edinburgh or have friends going to the Fringe, tell them to catch our show. It's not just for kids, and we are, in fact, good musicians and entertainers.

-- Patricia "Pat" Silver, Facebook

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