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Current news and features we unearthed from around the web we thought you might like to read today...

IP backgrounds of Trump's Supreme Court nominees: There are 21 candidates and Andrew Baluch and Devlin Hartline have done the digging to see where they stand on cases decided as Judge -- Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property

Why is the artist always the underdog? Canadian law–unlike US law–does not provide for liability for secondary infringement unless it can be proven that the infringement was done knowingly, and the result is Canadian artist Jody Edwards has spent a bundle without any satisfaction -- Hugh Stephens Blog

YouTube pays 10% of what Spotify does, says Merlin CEO: One of the many current battles between tech and the music industry is the size and fairness of YouTube payments to rightsholders. Charles Caldas, the CEO of indie licensing trade group Merlin, threw some gas on the fire during a presentation in London earlier this week -- Hypebot

Will this year's Grammys feature Prince's music prominently? -- NY Times

Diana Krall triggered a resurgence of the female voice in jazz -- Vancouver Sun

Repeal of Obamacare terrifies US musicians: Leader of Drive-By Truckers amongst those possibly affected -- Rolling Stone

Women challenge macho image of Scottish folk musicCall for an end to cock folk -- The Guardian

How changing in-store music can change the way shoppers think -- hypebot

Famed music writers poll Pazz n Jop reveals 2016 results -- Village Voice



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