John Meglen's Ticket To Ride

... Probably the biggest effect that digital had on our business is transparency. The reason we’re dealing with all the ticketing discussions and conversations and issues that are going on today is because of transparency.

Everything that is happening today is because people now have access to all the information. And for a long long time they didn’t.

In the ticketing world, the secondary market – they went from being scalpers to brokers and now we call them the secondary market – understood and took advantage of digital ticketing  Well before the rest of the industry caught up. The industry is just getting to the point of being caught up, but it lost literally 10-15 years on that.

We've always been transparent. We’ve always put everything on the table because we’d worked for (Jerry) Weintraub and if you tried to steal a penny (from him), you’d be fired!

--  Concerts West co-president John Meglen, Pollstar 


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