Alejandra Ribera's Many Voices

I’d have to say that over the past few years my songwriting has been influenced more and more by film and dance. I suppose it’s because I’m a very visual person and I’ve always been attracted to beauty.

Whenever I describe music it’s in visual terms and I use my hands and body a lot to express abstract ideas. I’ve often said that Billy Connolly has been one of my greatest influences and it’s because I learned so much about rhythm and timing based on watching tens of hours of his performances.

At a very early age, it was recordings of Audre Lorde’s voice reciting poetry that captured my imagination and influenced my enunciation more than any one particular singer.

As time goes on people tell me that they can hear my own style emerging. I don’t know about that but each song demands a distinct version of myself to be the conduit at a particular time.

There are all of these gems that I carry in my “inspiration pallet”—the sensations in my body when standing in front of a Rothko or watching choreography by Twyla Tharp—and it’s when I’m playing with my band that I feel the freedom to draw these influences out in the singing and transform those moments of inspiration into a frequency. 

-- Alejandra Ribera, Five Questions with... FYI



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