The Cousins: Rattlesnake Love

The Cousins - "Rattlesnake Love" (Independent): You may well not have heard of this new project, but chances are you're familiar with the work of these two cousins. Kevin Hearn is the longtime keyboardist in Barenaked Ladies and is an acclaimed singer/songwriter, while Harland Williams is one of Canada's funniest comedians.

The pair have played music together over the years, and released a joint EP, The Love Song Years, in 2004. They recently completed a full-length album, Rattlesnake Love, set for release on March 17.
The 11-song offering was produced by Hearn. In a statement, he notes "It's fun to make music that doesn't have to fit a certain criteria, whether it be regarding the style or sound, or who is going to be performing it. I'm inspired by the adventurous works of artists such as David Lynch and Sun Ra. Harland and I go all over the musical map, from country to electro-pop."

The album is preceded by this title track single, one we have quickly fallen for. Musically, it has something of a trippy and spooky Doors flavour, while lyrically it has plenty of wit. The snake-y puns come thick and fast - sample: "down in the bayou - you're so fuckin' twisted baby!" Williams delivers them in a suitably laconic fashion, with Hearn adding plenty of colorful musical touches. As a bonus, Carole Pope contributes a short vocal cameo that revs up the drama.

A cut to add-er to your playlist, and we're salivating to hear more.


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