Midnight Oil Regroups To Take On America

Maaaaate, come on, what kind of question is that?

Seriously, we’re going to try not to get deported, [but] the effect of Trump’s America will be to bring [people] out – whether it’s through music, whether it’s unions, whether it’s academics, whether it’s farmers, whoever – it will bring those people out.

Healthy democracies sometimes need to react against craziness and ugliness and selfishness and stupidity and grotesquery, and you’ve got that in ample abundance in President Trump.

He’s not a figure that’s engendering a great deal of respect from his own people.

You can be sure they’re going to respond, and there’s no way that we won’t say what we think about it either..

-- ‘We’re going to try not to get deported,’ says Midnight Oil’s lead singer, Peter Garrett, of the group’s upcoming tour of America (and Canada)

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