Trump Thumpers From the 49th Parallel

Comics, cartoonists, late night show hosts and now a short but expanding list of Canadian musicians are having a poke at The Donald.

The celebrity property developer is loud, proud, brash, garish and prone to fibbing—all of which makes good fodder for roasting the man who has become America’s 45th President.  

David Clayton-Thomas was first out the box with “Ode to the Donald” taking a well-worn soft slipper to the leather-skinned political coyote.


On the other hand, Hollerado’s “Grief Money” – written before Trump was in the running – takes on the forever-and-a-day process of politicians bribing the electorate.


Also written before Trump was in the running is Wintersleep’s “Amerika” that would be included on the band’s 2015 album, The Great Detachment


In a music video for the song, the group included excerpts from one of Trump's speeches to highlight the song's critique of the American dream.

Frontman Paul Murphy went further in explaining the thought behind writing the song, explaining to the CBC that he thinks it is condescending to think musicians can't speak out about politics, even politics in another country.

"I think if you can bring awareness to and fight for causes [in which] you believe using whatever platform you have available — go for it," Murphy recently told the pubcaster by e-mail.

"You're allowed to have an opinion and you're allowed to share it as loudly as you want."

Of course, a simple Google search of songs with the words 'Trump' and 'Canada' turns up a long list of questionable results, but included these two:

O Canada, the national anthem remixed after Donald Trump became president of United States


And, Trump (A Presidential Parody) - The Prime Ministers of Canada


One awaits more Trump thumpers, although there’s the cautionary pressure to curb one’s tongue in the event that what plays to the hometown crowd becomes ammo for the border guards protecting Trump’s land of dreams.

-- The genesis of this story started out with Tunes about Trump: Why these Canadian musicians won't just 'shut up and sing' by Haydn Watters, CBC News



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