How Did We Miss D.O.A.'s Trump Harrumph!

After publishing Trump Thumpers From the 49th Parallel in Tuesday's edition, White Rock Sun publisher and local city councillor Dave Chesney smacked us down from his wet coast kingdom.

Pointedly noting that we had ingloriously omitted including  Vancouver punk royalty D.O.A.'s imperfectly profane, super-charged lament to America's foremost Twitter tweeter and presidential real-estate developer, he suggested we make good and acknowledge Joey Shithead and clan's singalong, eloquently headlined as "Fucked Up Donald".

If one seeks inspired oratory and an elegance of style these lads fall flatter than a Peter Mansbridge joke, but if its undiluted vim and vigour set to a backbeat that sounds like a pile driver hammering hard against a metal hull, then D.O.A. takes the cake as you can hear for yourself below.






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