Haviah Mighty: For Free

Haviah Mighty - "For Free" (Independent): The Canadian hip-hop scene is undeniably male-dominated, but this 23-year-old from Brampton, ON is determined to make her mark.

She is a versatile talent, as a vocalist, rapper, songwriter, DJ and producer, and last year’s project Bass Loud charted #1 on the Top 10 Hip-Hop Earshot charts in 2016.

Haviah is now gearing up for the release of a new 7-track EP, Flower City, and this lead track neatly showcases her skills. Her lyrical flow is rapid and smooth, and her vocalising is equally credible. It is accompanied by an eye-catching video.

The video notes explain that "'For Free' follows a young woman's perspective as she journeys through the timeline of an evening and is encountered and swooned by an unidentified individual. This person buys her drinks and pays for a good time, the type of evening any young-at-heart partier could hope for!"

A graduate of Fanshawe College, Mighty has performed at Honey Jam, CMW and Manifesto, and opened for Snoop Dogg. One to watch.

Paula Danylevich is handling press relations.



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