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Like Father Like Son

Rock 97.7 HTZ-FM St. Catharines has TJ Connors now hosting afternoons.  Connors was most recently the morning program host for Country 103 Kamloops.

“I look forward to joining our listeners on the drive home on weekdays, and getting into the groove of what makes our audience tick,” the new afternoon host said on arrival.

A second-generation radio talent, Connors proudly follows in the footsteps of his father, well-known broadcaster Scruff Connors who served at the same station from 1989 to 1992.

Prior to joining Country 103, Connors served stints at Winnipeg’s Power 97, Vista Radio in Kelowna, 91.9 and at BOB FM in Lindsay and The Wolf in Peterborough, ON.

The Numeris Toronto Winter 2017 Radio PPM Ratings

The A12+, A25-54 and A35-54 demos were released earlier this week. The 13-week Winter PPM ratings were conducted Nov. 28, to Feb. 26. What follows is reported by moderator RadioActive.

CHFI saw a big increase because of Christmas music airing 24/7. But don't be fooled by the 48% jump to a 17.2 Share A12+. History shows the ratings fall back to around 11 Share in the Spring book. When it comes to M12+ the increase in the winter book was 60% pushing ratings for men to a 14 Share. Listening by women jumped by 36% to a 20 Share. 

The battle for news and talk on Toronto radio continues to be between CFRB leading with an 8.8 Share for Adults 12+ and 680NEWS with an 8.6 share for A12+. When it comes to women 12+ CFRB leads with a 9.8 share over 680NEWS with a 6.3 share. But when it comes to men12+, 680NEWS has an 11.3 Share to CFRB's 7.7 share.

When it comes to sports, The FAN has a 5.3 share with men 12+ while TSN has a 1.1 share men 12+.

AM640 continues to struggle. Despite introducing a new morning show, adding new female talent and moving John Oakley to afternoon drive, the station's A12+ ratings dropped 23% to a 2.3 share. M12+ is stuck at a 3.4 share. F12+ fell by 50% to a 1.3 share. 

In the money demos of A25-54, AM640 has a 1.5 Share - the same as the Fall ratings. W25-54 dropped 30% to a 0.9 Share. M25-54 are up 22% to a 2.2 Share.

You can find all the Toronto results at KowchMedia here, and other PPM markets including Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver here

The Tiny Iowa Radio Station That Has Everyone in Town Talking

Joe Hynek is a dreamer. He imagines things. Then makes them happen, even when that means a radio station in his living room and a tower in his backyard — 24 hours a day, Southern Iowa can tune in to 91.9 KSOI – courtesy of NBC News


Pandora Launches Premium

The service reshapes the company, fundamentally changes its relationship with music suppliers, opens the door to long-awaited geographic expansion, and challenges the business to convert existing free customers to paying customers. All against a backdrop of increasing investor and board restlessness and tenacious takeover rumours.

James Cridland’s Future of Radio

What Volkswagen can teach us about radio’s future: Something relatively simple highlights radio's competitive disadvantage in the car

Google launches an original podcast, joining Spotify, NYT and Amazon making these things.

Music and imagination – the olden days of AM radio. Nice piece, if overly sentimental

Niche podcasts now need their own niche network to let people find them

Anchor appears to be ‘reinventing radio’ with a new build of their app. Social audio, like Audioboo once was.

Some nice stats from Sean Ross about smartphone usage in the US for radio

What the future holds for next-generation radio – Michael Hill explains

Streaming is full of useful data for radio, says CBC Radio





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