Former U2 Manager Tackles Google

What surprises me to this day is how completely selfish, greedy, neglectful and oppressive the Google/YouTube/tech environment is.

These massive, massive companies, which have been built on the back of free content, are still reluctant or refusing to take proper responsibilities. It’s now very clear that the download is pretty much irrelevant.

Streaming is the future.

Spotify is going to be the biggest distributor. No one really cares about ownership. It’s all about access and access will be ubiquitous for film, television and music.

YouTube historically have been so extraordinarily greedy. I hope that changes. They’ve hired Lyor Cohen to build bridges with the music industry and I'd really like to see some change there because it really has to be confronted. The only investment in music is coming from record companies.

-- Paul McGuinness on Life After U2, Midem, Calling Out Tech Companies (Q&A), Billboard




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