New Tech To Log Club Performance Data

Music technology company VNUE claims to have developed a tracking accountancy or music identifier system that can boost copyright income by as much as $30-million in the first year of deployment in US venues playing live and pre-recorded music, and provide measurably greater transparency on who and what is getting played.

The trademarked MIC system promises to log actual performances of songs in the same way automated radio tracking systems log airplay today.

The system suggests it can identify music that is played in venues, whether it’s a karaoke bar or a cover band venue, track the plays and provide 100% transparency for the content owners, PROs, and business owners,

“For the first time, writers, artists and composers of music played in these types of businesses will be paid accurately, and we hope to lower the cost of licensing to venues by allowing them to pay for actual usage," says tech developer Scott Ellis.

You can find out more about the MIC system here and here 



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