Young Galaxy: Stay For Real

Young Galaxy – “Stay For Real” (Independent): Since forming in Montreal in 2006, this dream-pop combo has released five albums, three of which made the Polaris Prize longlist. They have toured extensively in Canada, the US and Europe.

After releasing albums via Arts & Crafts and Paper Bag Records, Young Galaxy recently decided to become an independent act.

This new single reflects a concern with recent global events. In a press release, the band states “We can no longer stand idly by and rely only on the people who shape the world for us culturally and politically. We must stay true to ourselves and feel the courage of our convictions in the face of polarizing political and personal views. But most of all, we must show empathy, compassion and love - even when faced with increasing existential threats, and fear and hostility. This song is a statement of intent, as we enter a new era, to hopefully serve as a reminder to ourselves of what our responsibilities are as artists in this troubled time.”

The track itself is a subtly compelling one. Singer Catherine McCandless has a clear and expressive voice, and the pulsating keyboards and beats add emphasis in just the right places. Impressive stuff.

Young Galaxy is partnering with Plus1 so net proceeds from the sale of the song in Canada can go to the Pivot Foundation charity.


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