Trump's Border War Gongs Musicians

While the flow of illegal asylum seekers crossing into Canada steadily increases, legitimate travel to the US is becoming a nightmare for domestics and foreign nationals as border guards decide on a whim whether entry into the land of the reds and blues is to be permitted.

As an article in Maclean’s points out, border guards can search your phone, delay you for hours or tell you to go back to Canada. “Suddenly, the world’s friendliest border doesn’t seem so friendly,” Aaron Hutchins writes.

The unions that represent America’s border control officers and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents want everyone to know their morale is up—way up—thanks to Donald Trump, Hutchins continues.

In a joint press release, they exclaimed that the President’s executive orders “empowered” those working on the border’s front lines, the first line of defence in deciding who gets in and who gets turned away from the Land of the Free.

But morale is not quite so high for many Canadians lining up to enter Trump’s America as they line up wondering just what to expect.

American musicians can enter Canada to work without extreme harassment; however, Canadians can now find themselves subjected to extreme screening and discomfort before finding out whether they are acceptable as guests.

Musicians may now find themselves put through an in-person interview before being considered for a visa, can almost certainly expect to face heightened scrutiny and may be turned away at the border without explanation.

So far, the Canadian Federation of Musicians has not posted any special notices warning members that the rule book has changed, so managers and acts are wise to seek professional legal advice before even considering border crossings for professional purposes, paid or otherwise.

To make the point, Live Music Intelligence reports that South by Southwest's international showcases have been thinning out as an increasing number of foreign artists have found out that they are unable to pass US immigration – read here






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