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Here’s the real proof that the CRTC’s Super Bowl policy harmed Canadian businesses

Despite what the regulator has dreamed up, eliminating simsub for Super Bowl has harmed Canadian marketers, broadcasters and production firms.

Cumulus Media posts Q4 loss of $18.57/share

For the year ended Dec. 31, the Company reported net revenue of $1,141.4M, down 2.3% from the year ended December 31, 2015, a net loss of $510.7M and Adjusted EBITDA of $205.9M, down 20.6% from the year ended December 31, 2015.

Chinese firm scraps $1B deal for Dick Clark Productions

The Red Dragon’s appetite for Hollywood properties is being curbed by new Beijing capital outflow controls.

Taxpayers are funding extremism
UK Government adverts pay for hate videos and rape apologists. Google summoned to explain as big brands pull campaigns.

2016: The year advertisers pulled back on digital

Spending gains slowed, after years of gangbusters growth

Quartz says it was profitable in 2016

The Atlantic Media website Quartz said late yesterday that it had managed to turn a profit for 2016. Launched in September of 2012, the business website has managed to grow year-over-year revenue by more than 60 percent, according to the memo put out by editor Kevin J. Delaney and co-President and Publisher Jay Lauf.

Twitter plans opening video streaming to all media companies

The company will open up its live-streaming API, allowing media firms to plug directly into Twitter’s software starting next week.

NYT beefs up its investigative reporting team

The august US broadsheet doubles down on its key asset, reportage, and makes three significant editorial hires.

Webcast listening steady in January, +12% year-over-year (Triton Digital)

Webcast listening in January moved down less than one percent compared to the previous month, according to Triton Digital's Webcast Metrics monthly Top 20 Ranker, released Thursday.

Spotify nearing major label deals with gating clause

Financial Times is the source of the latest Spotify speculation, reporting that the streaming service is close to final licensing deals with the major labels. The core of those arrangements is that Spotify would pay a lower royalty fee to the labels, but in exchange would temporarily gate major album releases for paying customers. 

Apple Music has far failed to blossom

RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani offered some insights about Apple and its music outlook in a note to investors. By his estimates, Apple Music contributes 10% of the tech giant’s services revenue, while iTunes is responsible for 22%.

Is there a way commercial radio can take advantage of the membership” model?

Yes. Radio stations can create fee-paying VIP gold memberships that give listeners access to perks and premium content. 

Will artificial intelligence be essential to competitiveness?

By 2020, 32% of companies think AI's greatest impact will be in sales, marketing or customer service, while 20& see AI's impact being biggest in non-customer facing corporate functions such as finance, strategic planning, corporate development, and human resources.

Cold War archive: How the USSR and U.S. battled each other with radio waves

70 years ago the Voice of America began broadcasting to the Soviet Union. For decades, the Soviet Union and Western broadcasters were engaged in an invisible battle – the West transmitted its propaganda eastward, and the USSR tried to jam the radio broadcasts. In the evening, however, a determined Soviet citizen might just get lucky and hear the forbidden fruit.


Kerry Gray, the former Y108 Hamilton ON morning host, died in Minnesota yesterday (March 16) where he was being treated for brain cancer at the Mayo Clinic Hospital. He was 50. His 30-year career in radio was spent in various US markets including Buffalo. He was later heard at Dave FM in Kitchener, Jack FM in Toronto and in Hamilton.




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