Harrison: Right Hook

Harrison  - "Right Hook": (Last Gang): Previously often referred to as a "teenage bedroom beatmaker," the Toronto-based producer has now reached the ripe old age of 20. His status as a young artist of huge potential remains intact, though.

His debut full-length album, Checkpoint Titanium, earned rave reviews and a Juno nomination in the Electronic Album of the Year category this year. A video for one of its focus tracks, "Right Hook," has just been released.

The clip was directed by Eva Michon, and produced with the assistance of MuchFACT, and it captures the vibe of the cool instrumental nicely.

"The video for Right Hook is an exploration of visual time-keeping," Michon explains in a press release. "I am always mesmerized when the beat of a song I'm listening to on headphones synchronizes with movement in the real world. The ponytail of a jogger or a dancer is one of the greatest things to watch, and was the initial inspiration and jumping-off point for the video concept." 

Harrison adds that, "When I was making 'Right Hook,' I couldn't fight the feeling that the bass made me want to bounce a bit. That feeling was also met with the thought of wanting to sock someone in the face, hence the name." 

The track is indeed a knockout, fusing elements of hiphop and electronica very effectively.

Harrison plays JunoFest in Ottawa on April 1, at Zaphod's. He's also on the bill of the Field Trip and Osheaga fests in the summer.



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