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‘Banned’ musicians take the stage at SXSW: Faarrow and Emmanuel Jal, two Canadian acts with refugee roots, joined the “Contrabanned” concert in Austin on Friday, a joyful protest of Donald Trump’s travel ban – Ben Rayner, The Star

Drake's 'More Life': A guide to the collaborators by Adelle Platon who offers the low-down on the credits, in alphabetical order -- Billboard

Fast, not Furious: Star of “The Fate of the Furious,” Ludacris rides on the edge to balance tech, his music and his life – Connie Guglielmo, CNET

Garth Brooks on Preserving Federal Funding for the Arts: 'It's what defines our generation'-- Gary Graff, Billboard

Chance the rapper says Apple paid him $500K for Coloring Book exclusive: Fans now want to know if he's in the pocket of big biz -- Micah Singleton, The Verge

Marriott opens for business at the Coachella fest: The hotel chain is redesigning eight safari tents at the Empire Polo Club to resemble the rooms at eight of boutique hotel brands. This means the tents will be tricked out with luxury beds, furniture, air conditioning and other hotel amenities. Private restrooms, showers and parking spaces will be included – Hugo Martin, LA Times

When did athletes start getting rich? Today, professional athletes stand alongside hedge fund managers, private equity managers, and business tycoons as some of the wealthiest people on the planet, but it wasn’t always so – Debbie Stephenson, The Deal Room

‘Justin Bieber impostor’ on 931 child sex-related charges: Of the alleged victims, 50 were in the US, up to 20 were in the UK and six were in Australia, police said – BBC Australia

London's city-appointed Night Czar: With a rapid decline in the city's music spots the mayor has hired a self-described "chubby white American lesbian" to maintain London's status as Europe's de facto capital of all things like nightlife, tourism and banking -- Christopher D. Shea, New York Times

Drake bends the medium for his message with More Life -- The Globe and Mail

DRAM's upbeat style is the future of rap:   His fun demeanour and focus on exuding positive vibes made him stand out in the world of rap, but here at SXSW it’s his music that really catches the attention. -- Lanre Bakare, The Guardian (UK)

The crisis of Toronto's closing music venues: Whatever happened to the hype at city hall about making Toronto a ‘Music City’? And what does it mean when all of a city’s music-makers can no longer afford to live and work there? -- Sara Constant, The Whole Note

Canadian country singers who have come outThere are signs the industry as a whole is becoming more tolerant than it once was, but being overt invites some pretty hurtful comments -- Ashley Burke, CBC

What does it take to make authentic music? Between learning to play, chopping wood and assembling the drum, I felt it was a waste to use someone else’s material to finish the project. Naturally, I traded some old unnecessary studio machines like my computer for a small plot of land and a couple of young French goats  -- Daniel Melfi, National Post




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