Its Name Gave The Hard Rock A Bad Rap

Although iconic, the Hard Rock can't sustain nostalgia as a business any longer.

Some of us are enthralled seeing a signed guitar from a rock legend and will go and eat and drink at a place that features that sort of thing but today's music is throw away or so far from rock that those who listen to it would never darken a Hard Rock cafe because it's 'not their thing'.

Just look at the ridiculousness around Notorious B.I.G., a criminal turned gangsta rapper who was murdered, inexplicably had a banner raised at Barclays Center, seriously??

That is the type of nostalgia that is hip today, not rock legends.

If the Hard Rock had a shine for Tupac or a signed DJ board & mouse ears from Deadmau5 then maybe they would attract a new audience.

-- Cameron Kernick comments on Haydn Watters article about the closure of the chain's Toronto location at Yonge and Dundas.



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