Andie Duquette: Wrong Wrong Wrong

Andie Duquette - "Wrong Wrong Wrong" (TAB Records): The Canadian country music scene is still dominated by hat-wearing males these days, with very few francophone female artists making a mark.

Andie Duquette is hoping to change that. The Montrealer has a fascinating background, from singing on a French adaptation of Sesame Street at age five to becoming a singer favouring classic rock. In 2013 Andie she reached the semi-finals of La Voix, capturing the attention of top producer Tino Izzo (Celine Dion, Bobby Bazini, Roch Voisine).

A solo French album generated three top ten BDS singles, and Duquette has now turned her capable hand to country. Her first country album, Lock Stock and Barrel, will be out later this year, and first single “Wrong Wrong Wrong” is a great start.

It features a big production sound from Tino Izzo (he also wrote the song), but Duquette demonstrates a voice strong enough to avoid being submerged in it. An obvious comparison point is Shania, while Miranda Lambert is another influence.

The tune looks at a relationship going wrong over time, and the self-aware lyrics include the line “there’s one half of your breakup song.” Duquette doesn’t put a foot wrong here, and the track has quickly made it onto the Yangaroo DMDS chart. Keep an eye on this one.

Yvonne Valnea of Last Tango is handling radio and press.


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