Louise Burns: Who’s the Madman

Louise Burns – “Who’s the Madman” (Light Organ): The Vancouver rock singer/songwriter released her latest album, Young Mopes, last month and has now posted a video for the focus track “Who’s the Madman.”

In a press release she explains, "'Who's the Madman' is a song written about confronting the possibility of failure after spending a lifetime chasing a dream, so naturally, the video has absolutely nothing to do with that. I play a lethargic, TV-addicted Dracula who follows a ghost/dream hopper out of my home into a world more bizarre, surreal and welcoming than the one seen on TV."

Jangling guitars and multi-tracked vocals are embedded in a layered production sound that never overwhelms her bright voice. The label bio refers to Burns' “dark pop goth heart,” but this track at least has a sunny vibe to it.

Young Mopes was co-produced by Burns and Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, Black Mountain), and features bandmates, Darcy Hancock and Ryan Peters.  

As a teenager, Burns was signed to Madonna’s Maverick Records as a member of Lillix. She is now a CBC Radio 3 host and a journalist.

Tour dates TBA.


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