Pony: Alone Tonight

Pony - "Alone Tonight" (Buzz Records): The Toronto-based rock band delivers an ode to new-found independence, with fuzzed guitars and a rock-solid rhythm giving the track muscle.

In a label press release, singer/lyricist Sam Bielanski explains that "I wrote 'Alone Tonight' when I was in a super co-dependent/comfortable relationship… It's very much about how in the end I realized being alone, as scary as it was at the time, was way better than settling for someone who I basically just watched TV with."

Pony’s sound has been compared to that of such fellow femme-fronted groups as Lush and The Breeders. Pony’s 2015 debut EP Crushed caught the ears of Buzz Records, who signed the group recently.

“Alone Tonight” will be paired with earlier track “DIY” on a 7-inch single that will be released on May 12.

Pony played Ontario and Montreal shows in February, prior to an appearance at SXSW. A CMW gig with Buzz labelmates Weaves and Twist is at Toronto’s Lee’s Palace on April 22.





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