Juno Gender Diversity Really Comes Down To The Vote

Alysha Brilla wasn’t surprised by the lack of female representation when this year’s Juno Awards nominees were announced.

Years ago, the Waterloo, Ont.-based musician and producer decided to conduct an experiment. She carefully tabulated the gender diversity among Juno nominees and found there wasn’t much at all, particularly in the technical categories, which were completely dominated by men.

After scrolling through this year’s list of contenders she concluded little has changed.

She shared her findings with David Friend, a correspondent with The Canadian Press. Within hours her story was being carried by newspapers and media websites, but her conclusion draws attention to something else that could completely alter the direction of the story.

Earlier, Tegan and Sara had called out the Juno organizers for failing to represent diversity in the nominations process.  It turns out that even if their concern was real, they were part of the problem itself.

The issue is that too few women, Tegan and Sara included, have joined the organizing body, CARAS. In doing so these women would then have a vote on who gets nominated and, ultimately, who wins the awards.

So, the concerns may be valid but the solution is simple.

Here’s where you can join CARAS and have the opportunity to participate in the nominating selections next year. Oh, and the annual fee is $75 plus tax, and you can write the cost off as a business expense.



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