DIANA - What You Get

DIANA - "What You Get" (Culvert Music): This Toronto synth-pop outfit has just announced a North American summer tour as well as releasing a new video for this cut from their much-praised second album Familiar Touch.

The track ably affirms singer Carmen Elle's charisma and its this warmth that sets her apart from many contemporaries who prefer postured cool and icy delivery.

“What You Get” is a cautionary tale to a lover (“did you really think you were too good to take a fall?”), delivered with a fistful of rhythmic punch.

The matched video mixes live footage with the backstage life of a band on the road.

"What I really love about the 'What You Get' video is that it is fully aligned with us, the band as people on tour," Elle told  Noisey recently.

"There's no high concept here; just us away from home and it's very real. Not so much in a gritty documentary style, but as in an ordinary life realness. We drive a lot. We make jokes. We eat hummus. We spend too much time on our phones. You know, real."  

The band's summer tour begins June 24 at Edmonton’s Needle Vinyl Tavern, then it's on to Vancouver’s Fortune Sound Club on the 26th followed by 10 US club shows closing at Detroit’s Marble Bar on July 9.

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