CANADIAN EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Midnight Oil Frontman Peter Garrett

Legendary Australian rock band Midnight Oil has reformed for its first global tour in more than 20 years after frontman Peter Garrett left his music career for politics and a good decade in the Labor Party as a cabinet minister. The man who sang fiercely about protecting the environment, Aboriginal rights, anti-jingoism and more — and served as president of the Australian Conservation Foundation for 10 years combined — infiltrated the policy makers and became one of them.

The tour announcement calls Midnight Oil “agitators” and says “The Great Circle 2017 World Tour (mid-April to Nov.) will see the group’s classic lineup literally circle our overheating planet for six months.” The key words aren’t “world tour” or even “classic lineup” — it’s “overheating planet.” It shows that Garrett, drummer Rob Hirst, guitarist Martin Rotsey, bassist Bones Hillman and guitarist/keyboardist Jim Moginie may be older but they’re not resigned, even if they are issues they’ve been railing about for close to 40 years.

In a Canadian exclusive, Garrett spoke with Samaritanmag from Australia.




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