New Releases Include Classic Crash Vegas Reissue

Call it the spring rush. A very large number of new album releases are set for today (April 14) and next Friday (April 21), with some big names settled amidst plenty of independent offerings.

We’ve sifted through the titles to bring you some highlights.

Notable Canadian releases coming today include indie rockers Hollerado's Born Yesterday, the Barenaked Ladies’ collaborative Ladies and Gentlemen: Barenaked Ladies and The Persuasions, and the reissue of ‘90s folk-rock classic Red Earth, from Crash Vegas.


The bigger international names are holding off until April 21.

That date brings yields offerings such as Sheryl Crow's Be Myself, Ray Davies' autobiographical Americana, Brad Paisley’s Love and War, and Incubus, with 8.


New Canadian releases on the 21st include Fred Penner’s star-studded Hear The Music, Ron Sexsmith’s The Last Rider, and My Brain Hurts A Lot---the debut from Matt and Sam’s Brother (aka Charlie Kerr of JPNSGRLS).




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