Serena Ryder
Serena Ryder

Serena Ryder Delivers Utopia In May

Serena Ryder released the video for the second single from her long touted next album as a People magazine exclusive yesterday.

"Electric Love" follows her certified gold-selling single "Got Your Number" that teased the release of the Utopia album almost a year ago.

She says the song is about "feeling the magnetic energy between two people" and was inspired by a Cherokee legend about two wolves that basically serve as an allegory for good versus evil.

“I found in a lot of the songs there was that dynamic when I looked back,” Ryder reflects. “So many people, when they put out a record, it’s all dark or it’s all light and happy. But on this record, there’s a lot of juxtaposition of both those things – the light and the dark. I was wondering what if you married the two. “

Set for release on May 26, Utopia follows her career-setting sixth album Harmony that went on to become a double-platinum best-seller in Canada, producing the triple-platinum single “Stompa,” the platinum-selling “What I Wouldn’t Do” and winning three Junos and a MuchMusic Video Award.

Ryder was also awarded a 2014 Canadian Screen Award for Achievement in Music for her original song for “It’s No Mistake” from the movie The Right Kind of Wrong.

She is performing with a band at festival dates this summer, including CBC Music Fest on May 27 in Toronto with a headlining tour to come this fall. For a full list of tour dates, visit

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