Music Biz Headlines: April 19, 2017

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Canada’s analogue broadcasting policy makes no sense in a digital world

Canadian Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly travels to California this week with an agenda that includes meetings with Internet giants such as Google and Facebook. Given the recent announcement in the budget that the government plans to “review and modernize” the Broadcasting Act and Telecommunications Act, the discussions may help shape an issue that could have a profound impact on the Internet in Canada as there are concerns the government may attempt to shoehorn Canadian cultural policies into telecommunications law -- Michael Geist, Globe & Mail

Cash Money sued over millions of Drake profits

Aspire Music Group signed Drake to both management and recording agreements in 2008. It then did a deal with Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Records imprint, which Aspire says has badly shorted it – Dan Rys, Billboard

Deezer exploring user-centric licensing

Currently streaming services license by taking the total pot of revenue generated, dividing that by the total number of tracks streamed and then multiplying that per stream rate by the number of streams per track per artist. The alternative is user-centric licensing, where royalties are paid out as a percentage of the subscription fee of the listener – Mark Mulligan, Music Industry Blog

Songwriters for Rihanna, Luke Bryan, Soul Asylum on 'Daring to Suck' at ASCAP Expo: Five of today's most successful songwriters nodded their heads in unison when their co-panelist Sam Hollander, who's written hits for Fitz and the Tantrums, Train, and Pentatonix among many others, blurted out what is perhaps not such a well-known secret about song craft: "Dare to suck," he advised. "You have to start somewhere and you have to be fearless" – Andy Gensler, Billboard

Advanced YouTube video ranking & strategies for musicians: So, you want to dominate the platform. Be forewarned: This will take work – David Andrew Wiebe, Music Industry How To

Time to subject algorithms to our laws: The formulas are almost as pervasive in our lives as cars and the internet. And just as these modes and mediums are considered vital to our economy and society, and are therefore regulated, we must ask whether it's time to also regulate them – Alexander J Martin, The Register

Online music is about to experience another MySpace moment: There are two main factors contributing to a new emerging void for entrepreneurs to leap in. One has to do with product adoption life cycles, which I’ll explain below. The other has to do with the important position SoundCloud claimed in the online music ecosystem – Music X Tech X Future

In Watershed, Amelia Curran addresses gender gap in Canada's music industry: “Misogyny and sexism are big, frightening words, and it’s almost un-Canadian to be guilty of these things but I think it’s in small social cues where we begin to correct what’s going on. It’s the simplest things, like how women around the table in an industry conversation will be interrupted more than men” -- Brad Wheeler, Globe & Mail

What happens to your royalties when you pass away? This is a question that all successful musicians will wish to address at some point in their lives – Mike Collins talks Music Business & Technology

Hollerado learns to put fun first with new album: Band playing the Indies on Wednesday made its poppiest album once it stopped thinking too much about making a pop album – Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

The hot new hip-hop producer who does everything on his iPhone: 18-year-old Grammy nominee Steve Lacy has worked with J, Cole and The Internet, and is featured on the new Kendrick Lamar album – David Pierce, Wired

The Dixie Chicks are still not backing down: Their Montreal concert shows that the Texan trio now save their scorn for Donald Trump – Erik Leijon, Montreal Gazette

Music industry goes to war with YouTube:  Record labels are angry about the relatively small fees the platform pays for music videos compared with streaming services -- Mark Sweney, The Guardian

Toronto musician Simone Schmidt’s new album a meditation on mental health: Acclaimed songsmith took field notes at a shuttered asylum for the criminally insane – Carly Lewis, The Globe and Mail

'We came, we saw, we shredded'- Metal maniacs Striker share European tour diary: The band has been taking their Edmonton-bred, hairy and heavy metal across the continent and overseas since January -- Fish Griwkowsky, Edmonton Journal


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