Music News Digest: April 20, 2017
Music News Digest: April 20, 2017

Music News Digest: April 20, 2017

We asked Indie Week's Cameron Carpenter to take notes on the goings on around and about at the convention site and in the clubs and, knowing as we do his facility for connections, he's turned in a report brimming with names of the famous, almost famous, infamous and just generally good people.

CMW Day One

And in the beginning…

The Sheraton on Tuesday was much like the dressing of a Christmas tree but not yet turning on all the lights.

CMW stalwarts such as Scott Carmichael were turning ballrooms into venues as Greg Simpson and Verle Mobbs roamed the halls with cellphones glued to their ears. Registration clipped along all day and line-ups seemed to move quickly and efficiently. As any seasoned conventioneer knows, the lobby bar during the day is the epicentre of social activity--and likely a hot spot for Toronto Maple Leaf and Raptor play-off games with their large screen TVs.

I had a very nice chat with Sam Roberts manager Dave Spencer who had a little time to kill before heading off to a MMF dinner. Scribes Pat Blythe and Roxanne Tellier were spotted, as was rocker and El Mocambo historian Greg Godovitz and musician Pat Kelly.

Dublin's Laura Gilbert was working the room on behalf of her management clients Birds of Olympus who have three shows booked during the week. I Mother Earth singer Brian Byrne is in town to talk about his new music service Musicoin. 

It was encouraging to see an early-evening lineup, at 6.30, at the Velvet Underground for an early show headlined by Xaviar Omar. Over at The Paddock Tavern, owner Nico Szid was expecting an exciting week of late night entertainment, and, please note, The Paddock kitchen stays open late and is a nice alternative to burger corner or a slice of pizza.

The crowd was starting to build at The Silver Dollar for The Zoobombs show and a lot of music lovers were anticipating the set by Munizo who have made quite a mark in Toronto after moving here from Japan last year.

I managed to catch Little Boxers and caught up with legendary Silver Dollar booker Dan Burke. Next stop was down College to Nightowl to see Saskatoon's autopilot who are a band that seems to travel from conference to conference with their three-piece swagger.

Although there was no CMW show at The Hideout, it's great to see the Good family (no, not the country brothers) back in the rock' n' roll game. We spoke with Mobious Management's Jennifer Hall who has both of her artists, Marlon Chaplin and Beautiful Nothing, performing during the week. The new location is at College and Bathurst right beside Sneaky Dee's.

Up next was Cherry Cola's, which was featuring a hip-hop night with Down With Webster's Bucky Buck hosting and performing along with New Jersey's Dookie Brown who wowed the club with his acoustic rap/slam poem from the middle of the dance floor.

The evening's final stop (ok morning stop) was the Bovine where owner Darryl Fine was showcasing his renovated back room with great banquettes which reminded me of the Whiskey in LA. Festival Programmer John Kastner was spotted catching up with his old Doughboys band mate Scott McCullough who now plays with Rusty. 

Fitbit Steps for Tuesday - 15,031


Day Two

Regardless of what you do, or want to do, in the industry, you should have been able to find someone in the lobby and lobby bar at The Sheraton on Wednesday who could help further your career.

Bands could find managers, agents and labels, publicists could find new clients, music supervisors could find new songs and festivals could find speakers and artists.

Spotted at various points during the afternoon were Sonic's Louis Thomas, Gary Slaight, manager Mike Greggs with members of James Blond, UTA's Ralph James, Jack Ross and Rob Zifarelli, Tom Kemp from Feldman, SiriusXM's Jeff Leake, lawyer Paul Farberman, Al Mair with granddaughter Sophie, Slammin' Media's Bruce Bradley, Pheromone's Kim Cooke, and TicketFly's Bruce Eaton.

Also, musicians Jay Sparrow, Davy Sage, The Dead Love, Hall of Famers 54-40, and the Harea Band, speakers Ted Cohen and Mitch Joel, writers Larry LeBlanc and David Farrell, Elliot Lefko from Goldenvoice, publicist Diane Foy, radio pluggers Mike Rice and Andrea Morris, Mathew Thomas from ConcertPass, and Sheila Hamilton and Amanda Power from the Unison Fund.

And, Olivia Diamond from Pop Montreal, Peer Music's Cheryl Link, Red Brick's Amy Eligh, radio vets JJ Johnson, Chuck McCoy and Wayne Webster, Music Ontario's Brian Hetherman, Andrew Lindsay from Google and Nielsen's Paul Shaver and Paul Tuch. 

Also spotted were Steve Kane, Steve Coady and Rich Butt‎ieg from Warners, publicist Joanne Smale, Garrison and Baby G owner Shaun Bowring, Phen Ebingher from MIDEM, Indica's Franz Shuller, photog Barry Roden, Geoff Trio and Ron Proulx from Arpix.

A good number of folks went straight from the lobby bar to a friend and family birthday event for the lovely Lesley Soldat. 

The clubs then beckoned and the first stop was the newly renovated Rivoli for the France showcase where we managed to catch the charming Tete and pop rockers Theo Lawrence and The Hearts.

Down the road, at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern I caught The Colleen Green Band who were opening for The Wedding Present. With leather jacket and sunglasses, Colleen managed to be a perfect Beach Boys meets The Ramones rocker.

Over at Cherry Cola's North Carolina's Grown Up Avenger Stuff rocked the busy room.


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