Top Yangaroo DMDS Music Tracks Of The Week

The following are tracks delivered to radio by digital distributor DMDS/Yangaroo in Canada and broken down into two categories. Top Downloads represents the most copied tracks in the week ending April 20th, and the Most Active Indies blends downloads and streams, with the affiliated label and radio promotions company in parenthesis. 

Top Downloads

1.       Lady Gaga “The Cure” (Interscope/Universal)

2.       Shawn Mendes “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” (Island/Universal)

3.       Royal Blood “Lights Out” (Warner)

4.       DNCE f. Nicki Minaj “Kissing Strangers” (Republic/Universal)

5.       Serena Ryder “Electric Love” (Serenader Source/Universal)

6.       Paramore “Hard Times” (Warner)

7.       Chris Buck Band f. Kira Isabella “That’s When You Know” (Royalty/R. Chubey Promo)

8.       Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee f. Justin Bieber “Despacito (Remix)” (Universal)

9.       Matt Mays “Faint of Heart” (Warner)

10.   Billy Talent “Ghost Ship of Cannibal Rats” (Warner)

Most Active Indies

1.       Chris Buck Band f. Kira Isabella “That’s When You Know” (Royalty/R. Chubey Promo)

2.       Tristan Horncastle “Gone By Midnight” (Indie/Principle Projects Promo)

3.       Dean Brody ft. Shevy Price “Beautiful Freakshow”(Open Road)

4.       Petric “Play It Safe” (SteelHead/A. Wilson Promo)

5.       HotKid “Caught In The Light” (Indie/R. Chubey Promo)

6.       Dan Washburn “We Were Almost Love” (Northumberland/L. Tutty Promo)

7.       South West Of Six “Free Game” (80 Hat)

8.       The New Electric “T-Shirt” (Indie/RPMpromo)

9.       Desire & Disorder “Desert Isle” (Indie)

10.   Virginia To Vegas “Selfish” (Wax/DMD Promo)


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