Music Biz Headlines: April 26, 2017

Current news and features we unearthed from around the web we thought you might like to read today...

IFPI Global Report: Music revenue grows like never before — but it could have been better – Claire Atkinson, NY Post

"Music Cities" are for sale but who's buying? CMW’s Summit highlighted the closeness between industry and policymakers, and the limitations of what a Music City can offer -- Michael Rancic, Now

Playlist marketing needs to focus on artists, not songs: Simply getting individual songs onto playlists is not enough to build a following on the streaming services, says Believe Digital Canada President Georges Tremblay. Your strategy needs to be smarter and consider how each placement pushes the artist, rather than the song – Andy Malt, CMU

Prince, one year on -what have we learned about the singer since his death?: Phone hacking, false names and a first-class omelette recipe are just some of the details to have emerged about the legendary musician in the past 12 months -- Alex Rayner, The Guardian

Turning 10 has been Whale of a tale for wide-eyed Vancouver indie-rockers: Juno-winning rockers Said the Whale slim to a trio for new album -- Stuart Derdeyn, Vancouver Sun

Musicians mourn Silver Dollar: Artists say goodbye to Toronto venue before it closes down on May 1 -- Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

Halifax emerges as top for pop: ECMA shows city is getting recognition for its unique music scene -- Aly Thomson, CP

Reykjavik calling- how Sigur Rós started a musical revolution in Iceland: Their peers explain why the band’s sound continues to resonate -- Laura Barton, The Guardian

SoundExchange CEO points to SiriusXM's growth for royalty rate increase optimism: Hearing before the U.S. copyright royalty judges continues through May 18 -- Karen Bliss, Billboard

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