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Media Beat: May 03, 2017

Why Canada's commitment to net neutrality places consumers in control

What distinguishes the Canadian net neutrality approach from the U.S. model is that it is consumers and creators, not telecom companies or ISPs, that are in control when it comes to using the Internet.

CRTC Internet decision flawed

The CRTC's new framework gives short shrift to the importance of investment, suggesting that investment is nothing more than adding more pipes to manage undifferentiated data flow.

The CRTC paradigm of so-called "neutral" or "dumb pipe" connectivity in which broadband providers sell subscriptions based only on speed and volume is incompatible with the 5G intelligent networks in which billions of human and non-human users need discrete amounts of data with guaranteed quality of service.

It is precisely the ability to differentiate in value, offer, service, technology, and strategy that drives a company to invest.

Inside the mind of Canadian radio's most important executive

A one-on-one conversation with Susan Marjetti, CBC's executive director of Radio and Audio:

"We keep pushing forward in the digital space and serve the public in areas that private broadcasters can’t serve.

Our podcasts are a prime example of our success in that area. Between the period of April 2016 to April 2017, our podcasts were downloaded 100 million times."

Blue Jays' Gibbons pranks radio show after win

A rare two-run sacrifice fly. Plenty of pop and pitching. Plus, a three-game winning streak for the first time in what's been a rugged season.

It all had Toronto manager John Gibbons feeling pretty frisky -- so much so, he phoned into the team's fan reaction radio show on Sportsnet 590 The Fan after the Blue Jays beat the New York Yankees 7-1 Monday night.

"First-time caller," he said from his office, without giving his name. But he did ask the host: "Is it the same bozos every night?"



WIPO Broadcasting Treaty Would be a Body Blow for Online Video

The Treaty proposal creates a new layer of rights over material that has been broadcast over the air or over cable, in addition to any underlying copyrights over such material.

Such rights would increase the cost and complexity of licensing broadcast content for use online, and create new and artificial barriers to the reuse of material that isn't protected by copyright at all, such as governmental and public domain works.

Facebook rolls out Instant Games WW

The online social media network is sidestepping the app stores by now allowing everyone to play no-download HTML5 “Instant Games” inside of Facebook Messenger.

Launched in the US in November, Instant Games are now globally available with 50 titles to play, from Pac-Man to 8 Ball Pool.

SoundCloud lowballs streaming rivals

Loss-making Spotify and Apple Music rival SoundCloud Go is getting aggressive on price.

A subscription to the premium on-demand streaming service’s top tier offering typically weighs in at $9.99-per-month.

But in a fresh promotion, new users to the service can sign up for three months access for $1.

What's it worth for Seacrest to join Ripa? One heck of a lot  

Kelly Ripa has settled on Ryan Seacrest as the new permanent co-host of her syndicated daily morning show, which as of today is renamed “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

With a rumoured annual salary tipping US$55M, the new contract is pegged by insiders to be worth an additional $17M annually.                                                                    

Webby Award winners in podcasting

Webby Award season concluded last week. Here are the winners in the “Podcasts & Digital Audio” group, across 15 categories.

Though some are well-known, and most are from leading networks, the winners (official and People’s Voice) make a good discovery list.

Fox in talks with Blackstone to buy Tribune Media

Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox is in talks with investment firm Blackstone Group to make an offer for Tribune Media and its stable of television stations. Combined with its own 28 US owned and operated stations, the combined portfolio would give Fox more ways to exploit sports rights, particularly the NFL — Financial Times

Twitter Pushes Live-Video Deals With MLB, NFL, Viacom, BuzzFeed, Live Nation, WNBA and others

The platform is looking to dramatically ratchet up its video tonnage: The social service announced 14 new, renewed or expanded deals for live premium content with partners including Major League Baseball, the NFL, Viacom, the WNBA, BuzzFeed, Bloomberg Media, Live Nation, the PGA, Ben Silverman’s Propagate, and IMG Fashion.

The new deals and collaborations will add hundreds of hours of exclusive content to Twitter, including live sports, concerts, news and entertainment, according to the company — Variety

Michael Godin's Treasure Island Oldies radio show turns 20

West-coast muso and radio host Michael Godin writes to tell us that this Sunday, May 7, he will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of his 'Treasure Island Oldies (home for old treasures)' radio show.

"When I started in 1997, most people used a 28.8 modem and if you were fortunate enough, a 56 k modem."

Today the show is heard in high bandwidth on FM, AM and Online radio stations around the world including Canada, United States, Sweden, Italy, and New Zealand via affiliate stations of my Broadcast Partners Network.

"I never had any idea that the show may set a milestone for twenty years of continuous shows, as I know of no other show that has been established these many years and still going strong. It’s very exciting to hear from listeners from around the world."

Congrats Michael, and find out more about and how to listen on TIO's website.

Worth Noting

Executive's guide to implementing blockchain technology

The technology behind bitcoin is one of the internet's most promising new developments. Here's how businesses can use it to streamline operations and create new opportunities -- Laura Shin, ZD Net

10 innovative blockchain startups poised to revolutionize business

The blockchain is a disruptive innovation. These companies could dramatically alter the financial services, healthcare, compliance, and crowdfunding industries -- ZD Net

41% of small businesses would use an AI robot to handle marketing, advertising needs

The US study comprised an online survey of 6,000 small business owners conducted by Endurance International Group — Media Post

How tech firms are racing to perfect conversational artificial intelligence

The Internet of Things is struggling to break into the mainstream because it’s hard to set up. Simply talking to your devices may be the solution — Peter Nowak, Canadian Business

US Federal court lets net neutrality regulations stand

A federal appeals court on Monday rejected a request to review its decision upholding the FCC's net neutrality regulations. The victory for comes just days after FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced that he is starting proceedings to repeal the rules, and could set the stage for a Supreme Court showdown — The Hill

Here are the videos of NYC Media Lab's Machines + Media conference

The event focused on how “data is changing the way media is produced, distributed and consumed.” It featured speakers from The New York Times, Bloomberg, Quartz, BuzzFeed, and others — YouTube

How to beat robocallers and telemarketers on your landline

An app called Nomorobo was one of my top recommendations for stopping robocalls on your smartphone and it's just as great for blocking bad callers on your home phone. On mobile it’s a paid subscription, but it's free for landlines. It automatically blocks nearly 500,000 confirmed robocallers and doesn't use annoying ads or any other goofy tricks to get money out of you — it's just plain free — Jennifer Jolly, USA Today


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